Monday, June 5, 2017

How could she???*

Earlier this year Momma packed us up in our ptu's and took us on a 40 squillion mile drive.  She took us into a v-e-t office...but not our usual one.  And then she left... without us!  That time she was gone for something like 8 days squillion years.  Then this weekend she did it to us again!!!  At least this weekend it was just for the one night.  Even tho it felt like another 8 squillion years...

So we missed the loud boomies and exploding sky over our house.  We remember last year and think we're kinda glad we weren't home Caturday night.  Momma remembered last year too and how afterwards we were sensitive to loud noises.  This would have been Lilly's first experience and Momma thought she would have a really hard time.  She said it would be good practice for us too, to just spend the night out of town.

Momma took an extra day today to hang out with us.  We did miss her and while we aren't being especially cuddly (gotta make her feel bad, tee hee), we have been following her around and keeping a close eye on her.  We've mostly been relaxing and catching up on bird tv.


Momma said the house was really calm and quiet boring without us here.
tee hee!

*pretty easily, apparently


  1. We are glad we only get fireworks once a year. And we just hide unner the waterbed. The waterbed really deadens those loud noises.

  2. Clearly your mom suffered while you were gone. And she better fess up to it or yous need to make her feel guilty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Your mom must really love you guys to sacrifice her time with you so that you will be safe from all the boomie noises.

  4. It's probably a good thing you guys didn't have to listen to all those fireworks.

  5. That was thoughtful of your Mom to make it so you did not have to be around for those boomies. But we bet she was bored without you!

  6. That's VERY sweet of your mom! I mean ... we won't tell HER that, but it really was!
    I'll bet the place was super boring without you there!