Friday, July 16, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday: Pip's Story

We are all formerly feral here. Our mom came across each of us in our own way when we were around 4 to 6 weeks old.  We're gonna take turns in the next coupla Fridays and tell you our stories.

I’m Pip and I was the first. I don’t remember much about my real kitty family. All I know is that one morning, very early, I was alone and I was trying to find a place to hide. Someone had seen me and was trying to get me! I was grabbed just as I was about to get under a trailer.

This place that I was at was where my mom worked! The person that caught me passed me on to someone that mom worked directly with. Well, you can probably guess the rest. But no one else there really wanted me. Can you believe that? So my mom turned out to be the sucker,  ahem, person who stepped up to give me a home.

This is me when I was little.  I'm camo!

My full name is Pipsqeak.  Can you guess why?

I’ve been living the good kitty-life ever since. I’m gonna be 10 in a coupla months. ::sigh:: That might never have been possible. I’m still kinda shy of other beans besides my mom an' if you came over ta my house, you might never know I was there.  A cat can't be too careful.

Thanks for stopping by an' reading my story.  Happy Friday to all an' have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Pip! We're awfully glad your mom was a "sucker." :-) Life is short and full of hardship for feral kitties, with no one to care for them. And it's perfectly fine that you're afraid of other humans, or simply don't like them. In fact, our own human doesn't much like people in general. LOL.

    BTW, tell your mom to add your post links (every day you post) to the Cat Blogosphere; you'll draw a lot of visitors that way, believe us! You can "officially" join the CB if you wish--there's nothing to do, no obligation--and you can connect with lots of kitties and their humans.

    And our human apologizes if she's said this to you before. She follows 250 blogs, mostly cat blogs, and it's impossible to keep up, keep track and remember what's going on! :-)

  2. Hi Pip!
    We're SO happy your Mom fell for you! You have very handsome markings. we're looking forwart to meeting your furblings. We nagged Mommy and she updated our blogroll and now you're on it!