Friday, July 23, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday: Smidgen's Turn

I was an orphan kitty at a very young age.  I don't know if my kitty-mom and furblings were killed by vishus animals or hit by cars ::shudder::  I don't like to think about those times.  I was alone.

A friend of my mom's had just moved to the property where I was at.  They knew us kitties were there and were worried - even tho they weren't cat people - cause they had vishus doggies!  My mom had said she would help and take us kitties if we could be found.  I was the only one.

So one day I was crying and crying.   I was scared and lonely and hungry.  Next thing I new, someone was scrambling through the bushes...and then...everything went dark.  I was caught an all wrapped up in some fuzzy thing.  I hissed and spit and swore up a storm.  It turns out it was my mom who had me!  I put up such a fight I sounded five times my size an I really scared my mom's friend!

Then a lot of good stuff started to happen.  I got all cleaned up an all the little crawly things were picked off me.  I started getting regular meals.  Wow...score!

Hee hee!  Lookit, I was so little, mom called me a smidgen of a kitty!

I had two new kitty sisters.  There was Pip and mom's firstcat Mouse.  Neither of them liked me at first...I don't think Mouse ever liked me!  She was older and well, I was kinda pesty.  She crossed the Bridge a few months after I came.  I liked pestering playing with Pip too.  That's us playin Door Wars.  One of my favorites!  Me an Pip are pretty good friends now.
Even tho I came from the wilds, I didn't mind people too much.  I was kinda gettin used to them, but one night the door bell kept on ringing.  Hordes of little monsters was coming to our house yellin and beggin.  Yow!  Since then I figure anyone comin' to our house is a scary monster!  I get nervous being outside by myself - you never know where a monster can be hiding - so I mostly stays inside.  

I don't mind so much.  Give me a patch of sunshine...Aaaahhh!  Life is good.  Thanks for stopping by and reading 'bout my beginnings.  Happy (finally!) formerly feral Friday!


  1. Hi Smidgen! You WERE just a little smidgen of a thing, weren't you! What a cutie. :-)

    We're very happy you were rescued and have a wonderful forever home. Life on the inside with a good human servant is much better than fending for oneself!

  2. That is a wonderful gotcha story, you are so special and loved!

  3. Aw, Smidgen, you were so lucky that your mom found you...and now look at you! You sure have the good life now!!

  4. Hi Smidgen, wow what a tiny little furball you were :-) I love stories when kitties are saved and loved and live happily ever after. Yay!

  5. Oh Smidgen, we are so happy that you found such a good Mommy. You were sure just a little cute tyke and it must have been so scary all by yourself. You do look all happy now. We love feral stories like this.

  6. You were so tiny! Smidgen is a good name. We are so glad you were caught and came to live inside...too bad about the doorbell--most of us hate it too.

    Um, do you remember any of those cuss words? Cuz we would like to learn some cussin' to use on the introoder kitty that comes around here.

  7. You were such a precious baby, Smidgen, and how a very beautiful kitty!...We're so glad your Mom found you and you have a loving, forever home...Happy weekend sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Wow you were a really tiny baby weren't you? It's nice to know how you arrived at your awesome home.

  9. Good job, Smidgen. Glad your life changed for the better.

    Thanks for coming by on my birthday.