Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

What in the world?

Hee hee!  Those are my paws!  That pic was from a coupla years ago.  Mom let me outside for a bit an I was playin catch...with a wasp...and it stung me!  Can you see that one of my paws is all swolled up?  I hurt and limped for a few days and then it was all better.  Mom had seen it happen and she was glad cause it was later that my paw swelled.  Instead of freakin out, she just took a pic-sher.  Pawrents!

My paws are back to normal now.

I never get to go outside though, now, unless I sneak out...I wonder if that was one of the reasons...


  1. Ooh, we bet that HURT! That could be one of the reasons you're not allowed anymore, Minnie!

  2. Ouch, bet that stung a little. Glad it got all better cause you sure have cute toes. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Minnie, what a beautiful kitty you are even with a swollen foot!

  4. Those are some cute toesies you gots!! You gotta be careful around those buggies!! I got stung once...just a little...and I know it can hurt!!


  5. That might be one of those reasons fur sure!!!

  6. Those nasty wasps! Spoiled your OutSide time. There should be a law against wasps.

    The Baby escapes Out at least once a day. YES!