Sunday, September 5, 2010


So yesterday, Caturday, we sent mom out on a very impawtant shopping trip.
And look what she came back with!  squeee!
A ginormous new tree!  For us!
Ok, I admit it, that was the plan.  The store had a huge sale and we were all hopin' mom would get a good deal on a huge tree - this was 40% off!  She says she has wanted to do this for us for a while and she didn't want to pass this up, so she spent the monies.

Me and Smidgen had to check it over, before she got it too far into the house.
Whappity, whappity!
And this is where we had mom put the tree.  In Smidgen's room:
Wow, it's a long ways down!
Pip: it has this rope that is perfect for whapping even while you are lying down!
Look where else we can go.  There's this ledge above the closet.  Ummm, mom?  You need to do some better cleaning up here!

We have one more project for mom today to make it easier for us to get up onto the ledge.  More on that later.  Hope everyone is having a fun weekend too!


  1. Wow, what an awesome cat tree: that was so nice of your Mom and we know you guys are in heaven up there=such great new viewing, playing and napping spots!!...Happy Sunday, sweet friends, enjoy your fun gift!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Blogger won't let us comment!

    We did say what a super cool cat tree that is!

  3. OMC, it's fabulous! HUGE! Yippee for you guys! We want now too....Mooooommmmmm!!!!

  4. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's what we call a cat are soooooooooooooooo lucky. We know you will have tons of fun.


  5. AWESOME!! That cat tree is about as tall as ours!! Your gonna have SO much fun with it!!

  6. That looks like a very fabulous tree - FIVE levels! And access to the penthouse, too! You are very lucky. I hope you have lots of fun there!

  7. oh. Oh. OH!!! That Cat tree is fantastically fantabulous! WOW! We bet you are all having a blast zooming up and down and onto the top of the closet. Your Mom ROCKS!

  8. What a great cat tree! And I see it even passed the whappity test - that is very important! Now if your human can work out things with the ledge, it'll be perfect!

  9. Super Cool Tree is an understatement, that one is totally amazing! You Mom done good fur sure!!!

  10. wow what an AWESOME tree friends! we LUF it!!!!

  11. OMC! That is a totally pawsome cat tree!!!

  12. OMC! It's FANTASTIC! Yoo guys are SO lucky!