Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

I am in protest today, so I'm just going to loaf here and not show my pawsies...

You see, over the weekend I was duped, fooled, even.  It seems my fun Cat Cave also has an Evil dual purpose.  Yesterday I hadta go to the V-E-T!  It has been awhile since my last checkup an I kinda forgot about the Evil PTU.  You’d think I would’ve paid attention to Pip and Smidgie when they went to the V-E-T but honestly, mom is pretty sneaky about the process, we never realize until it’s too late!

Ok...maybe I'll show one pic-sher of my toes...
They stuck my leg here to take some blood.  I had to clean and clean and clean and clean to get the vet smells offa me!   Oh, an here's one more... 
So in case you are wonderin I had a good check up.  The doctor complimented my soft furs an long whiskers!  Mom will get a call tomorrow with my blood test results.    Everything should be normal – mom says that’s a nice switch, mol!
Oh, and mom says I’m becoming a pill – ever since my outdoor adventure I am even more determined to sneak out the front door whenever I can! 
Hee hee!  
Have a great Toesday efurryone!


  1. Mums are so sneaky. I just get stuffed in the PTU with no dignity at all.

  2. You need to be good and not sneak out, I would hate it if something bad happened to you! Purrs for good test results!

  3. Why do moms trick us like that sometimes????? Oh, well, they do so many nice things for us that I guess we can forgive them for an occasional trip to the v-e-t. We are purring that all results are A-OK. xxxxx

  4. There's nothing sneaky about it in our house, either, because our mom keeps our carriers open in a spare room. (They are the top-loading kind.) When we have to go, she picks us up and puts us in and that's it.

    We're very glad, BTW, that you had a good check up! Fingers and paws crossed for the blood work results!

  5. We're glad you checked out okay at the vet, Minnie. And thank you for showing us your toesies!!

  6. Glad to hear you received a clean bill of health!!! Those PTUs are SCARE-Y!! Our Mom likes to keep them out so that we can lounge in them, but every once in a while she'll trap us in them & we get take to the *gasp* V-E-T!!

    We hope it wasn't too scary for you Minnie - & that you were able to get that yucky V-E-T smell off of you!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  7. Oh I'm sorry that your mom tricked you like that! But I'm glad you had a good check up. I hope your test results are good, too!

  8. Sorry you were tricked, Minnie. My Mom doesn't trick me , she just scoops me up and stuffs me in and I cry the whole way. So glad your tests are good....Kassey

  9. I don't blame you for wanting to protest today - that was a nasty trick!