Saturday, March 19, 2011

Game Night

Hai!  Um...It's Hollie again...The lady here said I could have a game night.  Check this out.  It's called Dog Cat Casino!

The Treat Dealer Lady puts noms in these little drawers...

And you have to figure out where they are!  Sometimes the Dealer Lady can be tricky and not put the fud in all of the drawers!  But don't worry, she's pretty nice to the beginners.  Here's a movie of me playing.

Here's a direct link just in case.  It's kinda long but you can see how the Dealer Lady starts off easy and then makes it harder as I get the hang of it.

Or if you prefer cards, we can play Go Fish...

And I even have a Roulette wheel, for the really adventurous!

Vegas, eat out your heart!


  1. Oooooh, that looks great fun, can we come and play :) prrrrrrrrrrrrrr xx

  2. Hey! We LIVE in Vegas and we don't get to do THAT!!! We are moving in...better warn your Mom!

  3. Let's built the Cat Casino !
    I will come over : )

  4. Why can't they make a CAT casino version of that game? Binga would love this (I am not food motivated personally), but I am loathe to let anything through the door with that dreaded word "Dog" on it!

    Oh well, Binga LIKES dogs, so maybe she wouldn't care.

  5. I think that was super clever of you to use that for a kitty! That looks like a great toy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, what fun!! We need one of those cat casinos!!

  7. Ooh! We got a little egg that ya can shove around and crunchies fall out (sometimes), but that looks way funner!