Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pip's Tips

Today, furriends, I have a decorating tip for all of you.

Let me tell you about fringing.

This is about adding a decorative fringe to the edges of an otherwise boring blankie.

Can you see the difference here, where I added the fringe?

All it takes is a bit of nomming plus just the right amount of kitty spit, and you too can fringe your own blankie.  I like the look best for fleece but I'm sure other fabrics would look as nice.

Don't let your pawrents see you doing this, they won't appreciate your sense of style.  But they'll like the look when it's done.

Try it!


  1. MOL!!...Adorable Pip, you are a genius decorator; thanks for the tip=we'll have to try it as soon as Mommy goes back to work!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. That take a lot of talent, but I shall give it a try!

  3. MOL..Pip, I like your creativity ! made more texture and it look Awesome !
    Your human will be very very appreciate : )

  4. Pip, you are brilliant! I know not all kitties are as artistically-inclined as you are, but I hope they try your tip anyhow. You never know what special talents you can unlock unless you try.

  5. Pip, you deserve your own decorating show on HGTV!!

  6. Holes are fun too! We will try fringing right away...tonight. Late.

  7. Good fashion advice Pip! I have three blankets to try this on.

  8. Besides being warm, blankies need to have style. Great idea!


  9. You know Pip, our beans seem to have a different idea about art??? We hope your bean likes your work :)
    Thank you for the purrs for Mickey.
    He could use them.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  10. LOL, Pip, you are a very good decorator! I love your style!!

  11. We are werking in fringing a whole CHAIR! But thanks for the pro tips...

  12. Thanks for the home fashion tip, Pip!! You know, some peeps pay lots of green papers to get that frayed look you have achieved!!

    *sigh* Lots of peeps though, don't appreciate our contributions to their home decor - we're avant-garde!! MOL!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

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