Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

What in the world?!?

MOL!  Did I fool ya?  That's Wriggley's paw!

Ok, here are my dainty pawsies

So I got in trouble on Sunday.  As I was relaxing on mom (she was layin on the floor), Smidgie came along and tried to take over...like she did to Pip.  But I wasn't havin any of it and I smack-pawed her, with my clawrs an everything!  I made her cry and even got Pip floofed out...to the point where she was ready to start a fight with Smidgen too!

I was banished from mom's lap for the rest of the day!

Then yesterday I got in a bit of trouble for tryin to eat this fish...
can you see where I nommed on the tail?
(the other cracks are from when I broke it a long time ago...ahem...but that was partly mom's fault...um...she needs to do some better cleanin too...)

I'm not having a good week...


  1. That fish is a taught !!! Handle all those claws and still live in a good shape : )

  2. Sometimes you just have one of those days Minnie.

  3. I sure hope things improved for you sweetie, being in the dog house isn't for us felines!

  4. It's probably all a conspiracy, Minnie! Whatever they claim you did, we know you're innocent! ;-)

  5. Oh dear! We're not sure it's yoor fault for nomming the fish though. After all, cats are meant to eat fish! They even give yoo fishy stinky goodness ~ so how was yoo meant to know the difference?

  6. There are days like that, sweet Minnie!!!!

    We send our love to all of you.

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  8. Hi Minnie! We thought that first paw couldn't be yours! We understand about the smackie paw thing. And well, the fish thing - of course you tried to eat it - it is a FISH and you are a CAT!

  9. Whew! You had me scared there for a minute with that "big" paw...The "dainty" paws are more like it! PS: You must have some really good chompers to do that to the fish! Good on ya!

  10. Oh dear Minnnie
    I hope things get better.
    (hey I understand -- it was a fish and fish are made for noming!)


  11. Minnie, you are keeping your human on her toes - so it really IS toesday at your house!

  12. Minnie you have cute toesies! So funny you were getting a taste for a wooden fish! But I think toona might be tastier!

  13. We're sorry you got in trouble, especially since we are sure you were framed, lovely Minnie!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Aw, Minnie...hard to believe somecat with such dainty paws could wallop Smidgen so hard that it made her cry. We hope your week gets better.