Sunday, June 26, 2011


Apparently mine is "bad".  Or rather, "trouble maker".

I ask you, is this the face of a trouble makin kitty?
Mom took Wriggley out for a run this morning and when she got back, she found this:

So mom immediately looked at me.  Something about this being my M.O.

Not to go against the kitty code and point the paw, but I wasn't the only cat out and about.

Now iffen it was me...
Not that I'm admittin to anything...but see, mom has a bad habit of leavin the nonperishable groceries by the door like that, and those had been there since Friday!  Friday!
Consider it a friendly reminder for her to put them away.  So I was really helpin out!  Mom should be thankin me, maybe even giving me some extra treats.
Why, what would she do without me?


  1. You are exactly right! They can only learn when we show them!

  2. Why can't the People leave Cat Treats laying about for us to open? You did (maybe) all that hard work for ICKY food!

  3. Silly Mom, anything left on the floor belongs to us, see rule #27!

  4. Exactly! There would have been no problem if your human had put it away like she should have!

  5. You mean she left that stuff there since Friday and then got mad at you when you opened it today?? What did she expect??? So unfair!

  6. Can't be you my friend, It might be a mousy or some bugs. I think you need a lawyer !
    ; )

  7. Sheesh, you try to help and you just get blamed for everything. It's not fair!

  8. Well we think ... that iffen it was yoo ... and we're not saying it was ... yoo were VERY helpful! MOL!

  9. You have to teach the humans over and over again, because they are old and take a long time to learn.

  10. Ha ha ha! Since Friday? Your mom should thank you for reminder and not blame you!! Your reputation of being trouble maker is so wrong! You are such a good helper and we hope you did get extra treats....:-)

  11. Oh dear!!! Not fun to get blamed !
    How could it be you when you were"hanging" in your tree??? heehee
    That's the sort of thing Tillie would do! hahahahaha
    Purrs Georgia

  12. That's right. You were just a taste tester. That's all.