Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

Today is kind of a bonus tails and toes day!
I'm enjoyin the view out the window...spyin for lizards and birds an all.

So yesterday morning when mom was cleanin our facilities, I heard her laughin and laughin.  What could be so funny about cleaning up after us?  You may think this kind of yucky but she has this thing about inspecting our, er, No. 2's.  She says she can tell a lot about our health by what our, um, poops, look like (she does this to Wriggley's too!)  Anyway, she said mine somecat's was full of barley!  Hee hee!  That was what I...I mean... somecat got into on Sunday!

Mom fussed over me for a bit in the afternoon, just to make sure my tummy felt ok.  Oh, I was fine but I still milked it for all I could.  Hee hee!
I'm feelin great!  Ready to cause more trouble help mom out around here!
Have a great Toesday, efurryone!


  1. I'm glad I'm not alone - my human looks in on what is going on in my litter box too!

  2. What is it with humans. We cover and scrape and cover some more, and then they rake it all off and have a good poke around. Some things about humans are just not nice.....

  3. Your mom giggle when doing the litter box.
    My mom with my litter box, I just heard " OMC ! OMC ! I almost die " Ha..ha..

  4. Our human makes sure everything looks normal too, though she doesn't inspect super-close up -- lol (she did with Annie when Annie was sick, though).

    BTW, our mom can't smell, so that's a bonus when it comes to cleaning our boxes. Ha!

  5. I am with you and the rest of the group, I think we've got it covered just fine! Nice tail and toes fur sure!

  6. Why do moms look at our litter box leavings? It's so weird! Nice photos today!

  7. Minnie
    Our Mom really checks our "stuff" out too...we think she is kinda weird that way.


  8. I think all our humans do the check the poo part. But we sure are glad you have Mom such a good laugh. Laughing is good especially when cleaning the facilities.Take care.

  9. My human checks out my poop, too. What do they think I bury it for????


  10. my Mom checks out the poop too! I am ashamed to say that I don't think she knows what she is looking for though! lol

  11. What is it with moms and our poops?? Sheesh!!! Cute toesies, Minnie!!

  12. Great Toes & Tail! Barley? Yuck... Or should that be "Yak". MOL!