Saturday, July 21, 2012


Mom stocked up on our foodables a coupla weeks ago.  Over last weekend she was procrastinatin other chores so she stocked our stinky goodness pantry.

She even reorganized the cupboards and gave us our own set of shelves for the rest of our food!

We have more food than she does, mol!

Later, Mom brought out her activitiy mat.

We have an activity mat too but it's pretty boring.

ho hum...

Mom's has 87 squillion a thousand toys with it. She's been playing some boring game where she sticks the pieces together. Somethin about makin a picture...
When she first started playin with her mat, I tried to convince her to try some other, more fun games.

Like whappin the little toys pieces about...

woo hoo!

My personal favorite is grab-a-piece-and-run-all-over-the-house.  This ranks up there with hide-a-piece and seek.

I' gotta find just the right piece and I'm ready to GO!

Alas, mom is soooo boring!  She would not listen to any of my suggestions.
Whatd'ya mean, you don't need me hamperin my help?!?
You still just wanna make the picture?!?



  1. I don't get what your human is trying to do with her mat - isn't the point to scatter all those fun bits around? Putting them together is boring!

  2. Holy carp! Your cupboard with all that food looks just like the pet store!!

  3. Holy carp! Your cupboard with all that food looks just like the pet store!!

  4. LOL, I don't do jigsaws anymore because I'd always get to the end and find a couple of pieces missing that the cats had made off with...too frustrating!!!! Kudos to you for trying :-)

  5. You could open your own store with all that food!

    We have the same activity mat as you do, but we got bored with it years ago. Must be for young cats, we think. :-)

    We'd much rather play with your mom's activity mat! Now that looks like fun! Heh heh.

  6. That is one impressive food factory!

  7. Minnie, your way of doing the puzzle looked WAY more fun to me! AND you helped your mom get some exercise, by chasing you around, trying to get the piece back! Way to help out!
    Your stash of Stinky Goodness is a beautiful sight to behold! My mom needs to stock up on mine.
    Play bows,

  8. Your Mom is seriously weird! She should try running around the house with activity parts in her mouth...

    and all the fuuds, it makes us fainty!

  9. Your Mom is pretty darn organized-put all your stinky goodness like that! My human pretty much leaves in the sack til she opens it. And that game with the pieces....uh...why do humans DO that stuff? We are more fun and make our own pictures.....


  10. ::Shudders:: I just bought a puzzle before Quill arrived...