Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Love

Mom's been working a lot in her squash plants.
I found the sleeves she wears to protect her arms from the plant's spines.

The sleeves get all stinky and dirty from the squash plants.

I LOVE the smell!
I like to rub all over any of mom's stinky squash clothes!

I might just like this better than catnip.

What?  Can't you see I'm busy here?


  1. Okay. We're at a loss here, had no idea squash could smell so enticing! LOL!

  2. Goodness, better than catnip is darn good!

  3. who knew squash had that kind of attraction??? MOL

  4. Mummy just loves the smell of tomatoe plant leaves. She rubs them in her hands and sniffs them then says "ahhhhhhhh childhood". Dunno quite what that means, maybe she was found under a tomatoe bush not a gooseberry one :)xx

  5. Really? Squashed squash plants? Who knew?!? I'll have to get my mom to plant some!
    Play bows,

  6. I wish my human wore gloves when she tends to my catnip - now that would be really awesome!

  7. We love when the mom and dad come in from working in the yard outside! We will rub all over their legs! Something about that outside smell!!

  8. What, squash? I had no idea it had such exciting smell! You do look enjoying a lot!!

  9. Wow, we dint know squashes were good-smelly! TBT doesnt grow them...

  10. MOL...I really get what you feel, but Pip, I prefer the real arms..tee...heh...heh
    Miss you guys

  11. Haha! Ecstasy interrrupted :)

    That is funny about the irresistible squash smell.

    You might be onto something there.
    What would you call it? Squashnip??

    Hugs & love to mom Cara & the crew,
    Tom, Mitty, Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

  12. We never smelled squash plants before, Pip. Thanks for the tip. We hafta give that a try!