Sunday, July 8, 2012

Laying low...

I've been laying low this weekend.  All these posts about yak...Friday evening I projectile bomited my dinner down the cat tree, on the floor...and...wait for it... into mom's work shoes!  Mom wasn't too happy.  She knows I can't help stuff like that so she wasn't really mad.  She was thankful it was dinner and not breakfast, mol!  Plus I missed her good running shoes!  Anyways, by the time she had gone out and hosed her shoes off, I had the mess on the tree cleaned up and I was starting to clean up the floor.  Mom assured me she'd finish...

We sent mom out yesterday to do some errands for us.  Wriggley was having a kibble crisis and we needed supllies to keep the bird channel on.  This time we made sure mom bought some cracked corn special for the doves and pigeons.  Minnie and I snoopervised mom as she filled the feeders.

We have seen the pigeon but mom couldn't get a pic-sher.  We'll keep trying - that guy is about as big as we are!

Mom did our laundry.  She got new covers for Wriggley's bed and washed the old ones.  She also got a new pillow insert for him and she pawed-down the old one for me!

What with the clean bed and all, rumor has it that Wriggley's gonna get a bath...but you didn't hear that from me!  ::snicker::

Well, I need to break in my new-to-me bed some more.
Have a great week, everybuddy!


  1. Our mom's saying EEEEWWWWW to all that barf. :-D

    Good thing your human's so understanding!

    We hope your week ahead is barf-free, Smidgen.

  2. Well it sounds like your aim was pretty goid but I do hope your tummy problems clear up.

  3. Too bad about the barfing, Smidgen. If your human did not want it on her shoes, she should not have put them near the cat tree!

  4. Well, yak happens, Smidgen. That musta been a real mess. Hehehe....

  5. OMC! It doesn't get any better than that! What a FABULOUS yak. Plus, you got Mom entertainment AND a rewarmed dinner, too!!

    You have all the luck, Smidgen.

  6. Wow, Smidgen, it sounds like you got some good coverage with that yak. Impressive! We hope your tummy feels better, though.

  7. Well I'm very glad your Mom noticed the yak in her shoes before donning them ;) BOL! Great scores y'all got from the store! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Oh, NO!!! Wriggley, run for your LIFE!!!!
    Sorry to hear about all the horka-ing that's been going on. Nice shot, getting your mom's shoes, though. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  9. Oh I am so sorry you had to yak so much...but into your mom's work shoes? That's a good one! (Sorry, Cara, please don't hate me!)
    We had to run to the store for bird food, too. We gotta keep bird channel on!

  10. TBT says he is very glad we keep our yaks on the linoleam kitchen floor.