Sunday, October 28, 2012

Easy Sunday Weekend Wrap Up

Besides being annoyed by the flashy box, it's another Easy Sunday and weekend here.
Mom spent about two squillion hours on the innernets this morning researching food for me.  I don't know if you remember my last trip to the v-e-t and the tests my bloods needed to take.  Well, apparently my blood scored a little too high on the BUN part, and that isn't good.  Mom changed my food a little bit, trying a different brand that is supposed to be low in phospho-rus, which is best for my kidneys since they aren't too good.  Now she decided to revamp everything, did all kinds of reasearch and ordered the food for me.  My new diet should start tomorrow night.
I'd heard the message machine when mom got the call from the doc.  My blood still needs to redo a test that didn't work the first time.  Mom says she'll just take me back in a couple of months and do all the tests again and see if the food changes have helped my blood score lower on that BUN thing...
So far I don't have to take any medicines, so paws crossed the food helps!
On Caturday, I snoopervised mom as she fixed up our scratchy tree.
She used new sissal rope to redo the front and then took some of the scrap pieces that were still in good shape to recover a side post.
And the clawr of approval...
Last week mom was in Idaho.  Of course she didn't bring back any soovenirs for us kitties but she brought back a potato for Wriggley...
It's not really a dog toy but mom performed beanbag ectomy and squeaker implant surgery...
::squeak, squeak, squeak::
We're enjoying some deceptively warm weather this weekend.
We'll spend the rest of today nappin and maybe we'll get another episode of "Squirrel" on TV.
Hope you're havin a nice weekend too!


  1. Hmmm... my cat tree could use a little fixing up too. I need to take this issue up with my human.

  2. Your mom did a great job on your cat tree. Does she rent herself out? Ours could use some fixing.

    We're sorry to hear your BUN is high. Hopefully your new foods will help.

  3. A POTATO!?! hmmm. Your Mom is weird, ha ha ha!

    Paws crossed the new diet it tasty and helps your kidneys, too.

  4. There's no escape from the flashy box ;) Squirrel on TV sounds good

  5. Well, we sure hope your new diet works for fixing those BUN numbers. Your mom fixes scratching post things AND does surgery on stuffed potatoes? Wow, she has skills! :)

  6. We hope the new diet will work and your next blood test comes back with good result! The kitty tree looks great, your mom did a very good job fixing up. Oh and the Idaho potato is so cute! We wish you all a wonderful new week :-)

  7. Wriggley! That is the coolest potato EVER!!! It was so nice of your mom to bring it home for you!!!

  8. I so envy your kitteh tv. Although if I got to watch it, I believe I would break it tryin to get at the 'actor' ;)

    I sure hope the new diet works! Keepin my paws crossed for ya :)

    Wriggley, that has to be the best squeeky toy ever! I luv it! Mom says one of her fav childhood toys was Mr. and Mrs. potato head :)

    Waggin at ya,