Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surprise Audit

Mom came home the other evening with some groceries.  She had done a bit of shoppin mostly for us, but she had some of her own foods too.  She was late, so she had to take Wriggley outside before puttin anything away.

Of course I figured she'd appreciate my help, you know, make sure she got the right stuff an all...

Only mom wasn't outside for very long.  Seems she was expectin me to get into inspect the groceries.

Mom figured I'd want to test the food she got for Wriggley.  Well, I surprised her!

I did a surprise inspection audit and got into checked out the bread!

I could tell it was different from the last time I did a bread inspection and I had to make sure it was the right know, whole wheat yet an all...

What else ya got, mom?


  1. MOL! With Binga around, there is NO WAY groceries sit around unsupervised here! Binga's quality control is VERY thorough.

  2. You're mom should be thankful that she has you tpo check out the groceries. what if she had bought the wrong bread by mistake and didnt notice?

    The Paw Relations

  3. You could get a job with the USDA like those Beagles who work at the airport! They get to go through ALL the bags looking for food contraband! You'd be so good at that! And you'd look awesome in a vest!
    Play bows,

  4. It looks like that bread passed inspection! LOL!

  5. That was an amazingly good job!!!

  6. Hah, THAT will teach Mom ta leave bread around. It NEEDS ta be examined carefully...

  7. Good work! Maybe I should test the food here too?

  8. LOL!! You did great work surprising your mom!! Now the bread passed your inspection, she can eat it with peace of mind...some pieces with your teeth mark. Hehehe.

  9. BOL! Oopsie Hardy Har Har

    Waggin at ya,

  10. BOL! My sis and I do the very same thing!