Monday, October 15, 2012

Marketplace Monday Blog Hop: Red, White, Blue...and Green!

That would be made in the USA and eco friendly :).  Two things we really like here.
The company and products we are talking about are West Paw Design.
West Paw products are made in the USA in Bozeman, Montana.  They use recycled InelliLoft fibers that are made from recycled plastic bottles!  Check out more about the company here and learn more about how they are eco-friendly here.
We are big fans and can attest to the comfort of their cat and dog mats...
They also have a fun selection of plushy and tough dog toys...

 Not to mention organic cat nip...
Minnie's wormie is a West Paw toy and it's older than she is!
We are on their email list and got a coupon code we'd like to share.  It's valid through October 31st and it's good for 10% off your entire purchase: use October2012 at
Have fun shopping!
We are pawticipating in Roo's Marketplace Monday Blog Hop!
From Roo's blog:
Join in the Shopping Fun!

Here's how to pawticipate...

1) Link in your post that showcases a pet related product or service.

It can be something you make and offer for sale, something cool you found at a store, a great new food or treat, an online service, etc.

Basically any pet thing for sale that you feel is fun, interesting or useful that you would like to share with other pet bloggers.

2) Grab the Hop Code and add it to the bottom of your post using the HTML tab. You are also welcome to grab the MM Hop Badge above and add it too.

3) Go Hop Shopping! :)


  1. Thanks for telling is about them... gotta check themout!

  2. I have their Bumi! One of my fav tuggy toys :) I didn't know they had their own store! I went and checked out their bedding. How great is that that you can wash the whole bed! Mom says I need a new bed to eat off of. Yap, I have a special bed that gets a table cloth put over it and I eat my meaty bones there. Butt it's old and lumpy and you can't wash the innards. The mat bed would be pawfect! Mom says we'll have to save up some green papers and get one. I'd have to have the XL which runs a bit steep :( Butt, Xmas is not far away :)
    Thanks for joinin in the MM Hop and letting me know about this great store! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  3. You guys in the States gets all of the best stuffs!

    The Paw Relations

  4. Comfy beds AND cool toys! AND made in the US. Doesn't get any better than that!
    Play bows,
    PS: Remember Dave's post about the treats? We heard back from our friend Lori at Hill's. She wanted our readers to know how much she and Hill's loved reading about Dave and me with our treats, and she also appreciated the terrific responses of our readers. To show their appreciation, they'd like to send some of our readers treats, too! If you're interested, please send your blog name, your name, and your address to our mom at Thanks!

  5. Wow, West Paw has some really neat stuff! We hafta go check them out!