Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Sunday at last!

I had quite the week so I'm enjoying a well earned Easy Sunday.
Last week on Monday, I had to go to the v-e-t!  I suppose I need to practice my PTU escape drills more...but then it proly didn't help much that the day before Wriggley tried to eat my head.  Thankfully mom was right there to make him spit me out.  I had a bit of a bloody nose and a fat lip but I was acting ok and still wanted to eat, so mom didn't take me to an emergency place and we just went to our regular Doc on Monday.
The Doc checked my face and nothing was broken.  I got a poked with some anti-biotics plus I got some pain pills to take home .  Mom had them test my bloods again since we were there.  We haven't heard the results yet.  Keep your paws crossed that my blood has smaller buns this time. (Who knew blood had buns?)
Mom has been in my face every day with the flashy box since.
You can see my left cheek was a little puffy.  Now I'm about back to normal.
This is me this morning.
My new nickname seems to be scarface tho...  ::sigh::
Mom says I'm bossy with Wriggley and I ask for it.  I suppose I do get in his face...but I didn't think that was what I was meowin at him at the time.  Mom also says I should learn my lesson, cause, yeah...even now I'm still bossy and in his face.
Well, I'm gonna get back to my Easy Sunday and maybe I'll think about that.
Have a good one, everybuddy!


  1. I am so glad you are not badly hurt, Smidgen! Maybe you and Wriggley should be kept apart. Sometimes I am smacky with the dog here, but she is very passive and never, ever loses her temper with us kitties... if she was not so patient, I would not be allowed to be around her.

  2. Smidgen, we're glad you're okay...but you gotta be careful around Wriggley. He's got bigger teefs than you.

  3. Oh, Smidgen, that is so scary! We are glad you are okay, but please, you and Wriggley need to be nice to each other, okay?

  4. MOL...scarface ? I think your face is far from this name ; ) And Hooray-Ha Ha !!!! you are okay !!!
    and Sure ! I keep my paws crossed for your blood's results !

  5. We have tried PTU escape drills, and it doesnt seem to help us AT ALL. TBT is just TOO BIG. If you figure out the secret, please let us know.

  6. Geez glad you're okay Smidgen. Uh, maybe be nicer to Wriggley? Vet visits aren't any fun.

    Waggin at ya,

  7. We're glad you're okay, Smidgen. But uh, maybe you need to practice peaceful coexistence. Just a thought! Purrs for the blood work results.

  8. Oh, wow. I"m glad you're OK now. Sorry about the dust-up with Wriggley.
    Good luck with the blood!
    Play bows,

  9. Geez, you deserve a good long nap after all that! Gentle kisses for your cheek. Purrs...

  10. One Rule: Dawgs ate ALWAYS to blame!

    Although we are glad the swelling is down. And PURRS for good bun-numbers!

  11. Oh no vet! But I'm glad you are okay. I'm sure Wriggley was not seriously trying to eat your head...
    I hope you will get the good result for blood test. I recently freaked out when Niko got high bun...recheck result came back just fine, though :-)
    Enjoy your easy nap and have a great week!

  12. That is way too much excitement of the worst kind!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Big purrs to you Smidgen both for good test results and healing your owie. Glad that all is ok though.