Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toesday with Minnie

It's me, Minnie!
It's been a squillion years since my last Toesday post.
I hope nobuddy missed us.
My pawsies and I have been laying low...on our best behavior an all...
Did I fool anybuddy?
Would you believe we haven't been causin much trouble?
Hee hee!
You know, mom has been tryin to get a movie of how we carry on at meal times and especially of Bossy Smidgen, but whenever she has the movie box out, we're on our best behavior, mol!  See,  Wriggley will usually go and hide in another room.  As mom starts putting our food down (we all have our separate areas to eat),  he comes back out.  At first mom thought Wriggley knew when it was close to his turn.  But it turns out, he just knows when Smidgen gets closed in the bathroom goes into her private dining room and it's safe for him to come out, mol!
This pic-sher is from yesterday.  Mom is about to give Smidgie her dish and Wriggley is checking to see if the coast is clear.
Smidgen likes to do nose tappies with Wriggley but mom says that is really rude in his doggy language.  I guess we are having some language issues but mom makes sure she is available to facilitate for us.
Speaking of mom...
My pawsiesa and I are gonna get comfy on her...have a bit of a nap...
Hope you are all havin a great Toesday!


  1. Minnie..those look like some trouble toesies. ;)

  2. Wonderful toesies! Mom likes paws pics.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Awww cute (but naybe a little naughty) toesies!
    It's funny everyone gets best behavior when movie box is out :-) When I get my flashy box out, Goro usually looks away or stop doing the cute thing. Maybe we should start setting hidden camera :-)