Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where to start?

A load of groceries came in for me to inspect.
So many bags!  Where to start, where to start?
Let me see...what do we have here...
Oh!  I see the bread.
Hmmm, cracked wheat instead of whole wheat...I prefer whole wheat...
Hang on...I think I see something...
We have tortillas!  I need to do a taste test thorough inspection on these...make sure they're know, fajita size an all.  Wait, mom the boss lady is looking over my shoulder again...
What's that?  You don't want me to inspect the tortillas?
Ok, if you're willing to take the risk...
At least let me clear this bottle of, er,  juice...
The "Minnie Teef Marks of Approval"
hee hee!


  1. Ha! You are an excellent food snooperviser, Minnie. The FDA should hire you. :)

  2. You human didn't want to you check the tortillas, Minnie? Well, I guess you can't be blamed when the fajitas come out awful!

  3. We dont get ta paw around in the foods bags. Where the chicken is. and ham. He puts that stuff away fer himself fast and leaves us the carrots to sniff at.

  4. Where are the Temptations???

    BTW, our human thinks she ought to pick up a bottle of "juice" this weekend too. LOL.

    Wishing you all a joyful Easter weekend, whatever and however you celebrate!

  5. Oh tortillas! Yum! Are you gonna have fajitas for Easter weekend?
    Glad the "juice" passed passed your inspection. Teef marks of approval! LOL!

    Wishing you a very happy Easter!

  6. What a great did a good job!

  7. Minnie, she should let you draw the cork...or does she go for the ripple with the screw top?

  8. That is a lot of hard work and you have more than earned your treats!

  9. Great job, Minnie! You are definitely the Inspector General!

  10. Well somebody HAS to do the inspections - well done!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. What would she do without you, Minnie!?!? Keep up the great work!
    Play bows,