Sunday, June 8, 2014

Easy Sunday

with Wriggley.

I'm finally getting to enjoy this Easy Sunday.
This was my birthday weekend.  It all started on Friday.  I turned thirteen (!!!)
I'm a teenager!  Do you believe it?
On my walk with mom on Friday night, we saw this cute little black and white striped kitty cat.  Ok...maybe I didn't actually see and I were playing a bit of fetch and as I was bringing the ball back to her, the little fella crossed ahead of mom but behind me.  I just remember mom hastily putting my leash back on and our game coming to an end...
On Saturday morning, I took mom on our usual long walk around the fields by our house.  I always take along one of my bumpers for some play time too.  At one point on our walk, mom had dropped my bumper as we were walking (she does that a lot) and sent me back to get it.  It was a long ways away and when I had gone out about a couple hundred feet and still didn't see it, I stopped and looked back to mom for help.  She told me to wait and as she was walking towards me, a bunny broke cover in the field to my left, maybe as close as twenty feet.  All this time I'd been dragging a long line but mom was not holding on to it.  Mom made a quick move to get ahold of the line.  Me?  Well, I looked at the rabbit.  Then I looked at mom.  But I didn't move.  I scored a lot of treats for that!
Well, she did tell me to wait, after all.
A bit later on Saturday, I had to have a bath.  Then mom packed my lunch box for an overnight stay at camp.  It would seem that our town was having it's annual Pioneer Day celebrations complete with fireworks celebrating my birthday weekend with fireworks.  I wish they would've asked cause I don't really like fireworks.  Instead, though, mom booked the Luxury Pampered Pet Plus arranged a super deluxe adventure package for me at camp, complete with a lot of fun activities.  Mom told everybuddy there that it was my birthday and they gave me a lot of special attention.
When I got home today, mom had pupcakes for me! velvet pupcakes with yogurt frosting!
It sure is good to be home now and relaxing...'cept mom isn't sitting still and I have to follow her around and make sure she doesn't leave me again.
Uh oh, she's up again...I gotta go...
Hope everybuddy had a fun weekend too!


  1. WOW!! You go to CAMP when there's fireworks? We'd be all for that except for the car ride thingy...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wriggly! We don't care what your housemates say, you're all right.

  2. The dog here is deaf so she doesn't hear fireworks anymore... that's ONE positive thing about it! I'm glad you had a good birthday.

    P.S. Us kitties would have bolted after that bunny.

  3. Happy 13th birthday, Wriggley!
    You are such a good and gentle woofie not to scare the rabbit :-)
    The cupcake looks yummy. Love your picture with you cute tongue out :-)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wriggley!!!
    Your kit-cats should let you post more often! You are an amazing puppy to listen to your mom so well. You're like those Border Collie boys my mom goes birding with sometimes - - they actually do everything Beth tells them to. That strikes me as odd, but admirable!
    I'm glad you didn't meet the black and white umm... kitty. Trust me, it might not have gone well!
    That's really cool that your town celebrates your birthday! Too bad you missed it, but not too bad that you missed the fireworks. Those pupcakes look sooooooo yummy!

  5. Happy Birfday! You do NOT look 13 years old!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We woulda failed miserably if we had been outside and saw that bunny.

    Happy Birthday, Wriggley, it sounds like you had a good one!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Dear Wriggley! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for ya bigtime! You were so good resisting the rabbit and red velvet pupcakes are so cool!