Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Snack Pie-icide

This was the scene that greeted mom as she came through the front door yesterday...
Mom had left the bag on top of the box you see in the back ground.  She completely forgot about the little snack pie inside.
Yes, that would actually be a chocolate pie.
Not to worry - nobuddy is the worse for wear.
Pulling up the files, we have our possible suspects:
Mischievous Minnie: Trouble is her middle name, not to mention her "priors".
Or maybe...
 Sly Smidge: not usually the one to instigate.
And even this guy had opportunity:
Wonderful Wriggley: really, could this Lab do anything wrong?
Mom may never really know.
Though that phrase came up once again..."it's coming out of your dinner"...
Why do you look at me especially when you say that?


  1. We're sure that some wild animal broke in and ate it. Surely none of YOU would do that.

  2. Our Mommy is amazed that your Mom can sleep with all the stone-cold pie-killers (alleged) in the house!

  3. Ha! It's Wriggley. It's always the dog's fault. That's a kitty rule.

  4. Look for the one with chocolate on his paws. ;)

  5. We know Mom said, "It's coming out of your dinner," but we're thinking she may solve the mystery by what's coming out of whoever ate the pie! ;)

  6. But what if it was an errant squirrel that broke in and did it!?!?
    PS: Wriggley is INNOCENT!!!!

  7. Well, we just know it is not one of those suspects. Did they let a stranger in the door while you were gone? :)