Saturday, August 7, 2010

Caturday Afternoon

We sure are enjoying our Caturday and hope everycat is too. Mom had to work for a bit this morning. That was ok with us ‘cause it meant we got breakfast at the usual time – no sleepin’ in! We ate an napped the morning away.

Mom came home and did some yard chores in the front yard this week. After that Pip finally got some outside time.

Smidgen just kept on nappin’

We got a new toy and enjoyed a bit of play time.

Mom had us sort through our old toys, the ones we don’t play with anymore, and the ones that are in good shape yet, we’re gonna donate. Mom washed them up for us.

Now we’re ready for some more nappin, gotta rest up for dinner time!


  1. The old toys that I don't play with any more are in sad condition so they can't be donated. But it's good of you all to do that!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a WONDERFUL day!

    Our Mommy donates old towels and stuff to our vet, who does a lot of free/discounted work for needy people and their pets. We bet your old toys will make a lot of kitties happy!

  3. That's a great idea, to donate the old toys you don't play with. Maybe our human should go through our stuff and do the same, since we have so much and don't bother with most of it. Anyway, it seems like you all had a great Saturday!

  4. Sounds like a great day to us! And how nice of you to donate toys. We donate to lots of different charities and it makes us happy knowing we are lending a helping paw.

  5. That's nice of you to donate your old toys!

  6. Yep, looks like you had a very good time!