Sunday, August 15, 2010

Uneasy Sunday

So yesterday mom did her shopping...for her food.  She brought nothing back for us.  Oh, sure, there were sweet potatoes in the bag for the dog, but what about us?  She says we have plenty.  We're not so sure.

Our pantry shelves have gone from this:

To this sad state now:

And we even saw her taking our treats to use for training treats for the dog!  The nerve!

And to top it all off, the ptu suddenly has a more prominent location in my room.  It is usually under my window sill as a convenient step up.

This means "carrides" are imminent...


  1. Uh oh,carrides do not sound good. Not fair that Mom didn't bring anything home for the kitties. What is her problem. Kitties always need some food. Well I hope it isn't a car ride to the v-e-t. We hate to say that word.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh no! Time to go into hiding ~ and then when yoo're found look all sad and pathetic and HUNGRY! It usualy werks.

  3. First off I have to comment that your mum's pantry shelves are amazing! Mine are never so neat, oh I organize them but then Robert messes them all up, but I can't complain because he is a fantastic cook!

    I'm afraid for kitties carrides are seldom joyrides, so I must say I agree with Milo and Alfie...hide :-)

  4. Do you think maybe your Mom is going to use the PTU as a shopping basket for Cat Fudz?


    Then we advise you scoot under the bed, quickly!

  5. Two oh nos! I don't think the ptu is out for you to go pick out your own food!

  6. OH NOES! How can she expect you to survive on those meager rations?

    Hide until the PTU goes back to where it should be.

  7. Looks like we eat the same kinda foods!!

    Our mom forgot to get Dixie Dog's food while shopping on Friday. Don't tell Dixie Dog she is dangerously low on the kibble.

  8. I always snoopervise to make sure mum has brought home extra food for me when she does the shopping. Otherwise I might starve to death.

  9. Run for cover, friends=best of luck with that!...Hope you guys have a fun week...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Oh that looks like a very low supply of foods and treats! And the move of the PTU - something is up for sure!!

  11. Oh you poor kitties - Your cupboard is practically bare!! We feel so sorry for you (tho, our cupboard is pretty sparse, too - what is up with these Moms??) Oh, & using your treats for the dog is INEXCUSABLE!!!

    The PTU coming out is NEVER a good thing!! We hope everything turns out ok!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)