Saturday, October 2, 2010

Livestrong Day

Today we are YELLOW for LIVESTRONG Day, to show our support for cancer awareness, along with the many other bloggers.
Cancer has touched our lives directly.  Our mom's mom lost her fight many years ago.  Other of mom's relatives also died from cancer.

We don't want to be sad today.  We also know many survivors and that is pawsome!  We want to give our positive energy and purrs and prayers to help fight cancer.  To help those fighting the disease now to win, to be survivors.  Have Hope and Courage.
Our doggy bro Wriggley is a survivor.  He's sporting yellow to help us and he brought out his bestest yellow toys for today.

Here's our mom and Wriggley in their yellow T's.

There's a link where you can see more special LIVESTRONG blog posts at the Cats of Wildcat Woods or visit the Cat Blogosphere.

Livestrong today, and everyday!


  1. What a pawsome yellow post for LIVESTRONG DAY!

    We hope that someday soon Cancer will be history!

  2. Great post gang! We all need to LiveStrong together!

  3. Thank you from our hearts for supporting LIVESTRONG day by going yellow.

    Blessing to all those who are currrently fighting cancer, are cancer survivors, or who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.

    LIVESTRONG always.

    Love from Milo and Alfie, Mom-Jan and Dad xxxx

  4. You all look good in yellow!!

    We purr for all of those we have lost and for all of those who still are fighting this terrible disease. LIVESTRONG!!

  5. That is such a good post and it is so great that Wriggley made it through the disease. How great you look in your yellow shirt Wriggley. Mom looks good too in yellow.

  6. We MUST LiveStrong for us and for those who have fought the good fight and lost to this miserable disease. Today we honor those who have lost their battle, those who are fighting their battle and those who have fought and won! They are all our HEROES!

    Today we stand tall with all of the LiveStrong participants. Together we WILL find a cure in our lifetime!

  7. Great post for today!

    ~ The Bunch

  8. We agree, let's honor the survivors today, and the fighters. Let's remember the rest, for they will not be forgotten - but this is the time for hope not sorrow. LIVESTRONG!

  9. Looking good in yellow and thanks for supporting Livestrong Today!

  10. What a wonderful yellow post! For everyone who are touched by this horrible disease, we must livestrong together!

  11. Excellent yellowness :-)

    Livestrong and Lovestrong too!

  12. We're sorry you've lost those dear to you, but are glad Wriggley is a survivor!

    We're sending purrs, healing Light and universal Blessings to All Beings who have been affected by this terrible disease.

  13. That is a lovely post.
    You all look great in yellow :)
    Livestrong and live well :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. Great post! We love Wriggley in his yellow T shirt. Purrs to your family.

  15. Yellow really looks great on you! Thanks for helping raise awareness about cancer. LIVESTRONG!

  16. I purr that many more survive!

  17. I didn't get around to all of the LIVESTRONG blogs yesterday, so I'm glad to be visiting today. Thank you so much for joining in. I was very happy to be a part of such a great event. So sorry that cancer has touched your life in negative ways, but how awesome to celebrate the survivors.