Saturday, October 23, 2010

Small Consolations

All summer a group of turkeys has been hangin around where our mom works.  She wanted to get a picture for us but whenever she had a camera with her, she didn't see 'em, and vice versa.  But she did bring us home one of their feathers!
Neither Pip nor I were much impressed...

I liked it!

I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious about this feather...
I've got my eye on you...just sayin...


  1. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can convince your mama to get the rest of a turkey for y'all??????

  2. We aren't crazy about feathers either.But that is a real fevver. Go for it. Enjoy your week end.

  3. That is a big feather! Last year we had a turkey in the yard. We have never seen a wild turkey around here in Georgia.
    Have fun with your feather!
    Happy Weekend..
    ~ The Bunch

  4. Hey, mom, a feather is nice, but what about the rest of him? What's the point? So many questions..sometimes you can't win, I know.
    I personally like feathers--as long as they're not stuck on me!

    Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

  5. We would want the whole bird, too!
    Plucked and roasted, preferably.

  6. Mom get us the other turkey parts, pleze?A nice feather though......Kassey

  7. I think it's pretty unanimous - nearly everyone thinks your human should have brought home the whole turkey!

  8. Count me in, go get the rest of the bird please!

  9. Yeah, we wanna see the feather attached to the bird!!! But if you can't have that, then that feather is a lot of fun to play with!!!

  10. Wow, your mom brought you real feathers? PAWSOME! We have turkeys by our house ... they are pretty big, so it might be kind of scary if your mom brought a whole live one home!

  11. That is a big feather. Maybe you could have a good dinner if your mom could catch them :-)