Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hollie's Turn

Hai...remember me?  Yeah...Hollie!

The Other Cats here aren't too good about sharing...that includes the blog!  I'd share with them if I was out and about...well...maybe...

So come on in, I promise I'll share my toys - we can play Cat Dancer!
Look at me, I'm dancin'!

The lady got me this cool thing that I can sit on and scratch on.  You know, the Other Cats don't like scratching on cardboard?  I sure do! I think they call this an interactive toy.  See, it has this ball in a track that the lady can push around.  She seems to like to do that when I sit here.  Whatever!  People get their kicks in the strangest ways!

I'm having more chances to see Minnie and Smidgen.  The lady is anxious now to have us all together cause it seems like other folks are making quick intros with their new additions.  At the same time, tho, she says she doesn't want to blow it.  I'm not worried.  I'm not going anywhere.  The lady made this movie of us.  I'm a little wary when they are close to the doorway.  A lot of times they hiss and run, then I go up to the door to see what's what, and sometimes if I see them, I hiss and run!  Mol!

Gosh, this blog stuff is tiring.  Ok...well...I think I'm gonna go take a nap...

bye for now...


  1. Hi Hollie! We hope you'll all get used to each other. Kat from Kat's Kat suggested, on her most recent post, putting whatever scent your mom wears (that implies she wears one, though ours doesn't) on the back of all your necks, so you all smell the same. (Not just exchanging scented clothing, towels, etc.) Seems like a logical idea.

    No amount of time and proper integration techniques helped Annie accept Nicki. And when Derry was adopted, he and Nicki bonded in oh, 20 minutes. So each case is different!

    Eventually, though, everyone has to sort out the kitty hierarchy amongst themselves.

  2. Hollie, you look great! It looks like you have lost a bit of that excess weight you were carrying. That's wonderful! Your fur looks better too.

    When we moved into our forever home, we lived in the back bedroom for about two weeks. Then Mom gradually introduced us to our two older (and now angel) siblings. These things take time and we know your Mom will know when the time is right. xoxo

  3. We think Mom is doing it right to let you two smell Holly under the door and slowly introduce you to her. Holly, you sure are very pretty and a wonderful color. WE hope that you can get to know your roommates soon. Maybe try that scent thing on your necks that Kat suggested. Take care.

  4. Take a nap Hollie. And don't worry about the other will happen when everyone is good and ready. Mom said when Chiclet first moved in last fall with her kittens, Tommy hissed at her all the time and yet she caught him giving Chiclet the kitty kisses the other night!!

  5. Aw, the kitty hissed at you, Hollie! Don't feel bad. Sammy-Joe STILL hisses at Trixie and Lily. We all love each other... but we like our space!

  6. Oh Hollie that was sooo cute and you are quite the dancer!!
    Loved the video...your Mommy sounds like a kitty herself!

  7. When I first moved here, there was some hissing from Binga. Funny enough, I hear that when Boodie first came here, she was isolated for a week, and when she finally met Binga, there was no hissing at all... as long as Binga got to chase her and beat her up. Boodie did not mind it at all! I have weird roommates.

  8. Hollie
    You look so lovely!
    Guess what?
    There is still hissing and stuff going on here and we've all been together for 6 years!


  9. Hi Hollie!! You sure have some fun toys! You tell the lady that it's okay that she takes it slow with your intros. We know you'll all be friends real soon.

  10. Well WE love our cardboard scratcher...

  11. Hi Hollie! WE think you are so cute! We think you should be able to meet everyone at your own pace - some kitties can meet quickly but some take time. Don't worry too much! If you are nervous then you should get to wait. Ours were pretty quick at our house, but we were adding little kittens and that seems to make it easier - when you are a bit older then it always takes a little longer. We think you have a very fun room - that ball toy looks fun and we love the cat dancer - we had one but it got busted.

  12. Hi Hillie nice to see you!

    Just move at your own pace with the introductions and don't worry a little hissing is natural. Everyone will be friends before you know it :-) If your kitties are food motivated, sharing some treats together helps the process (everyone gets their own treats but in close proximity and at the same time).

  13. PS - I know it's Hollie, that was a typo!

  14. There were a lot of hissing going on when Niko was introduced to Goro. I gave Goro treat in front of door of Niko's room so that Goro relates Niko's smell to something good. It may take time but eventually should be okay!!