Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

Yello!  I'm in my donut bed again...or is that still?  It's cold an this is my favorite place to curl up (besides mom's lap) when it's cold.

Mom got us this new catnippy mousie.  She thought it was really cute an thought we'd like it cause it looks so realistic...'cept we don't.

She's tryin all kinds of stuff to get us to play with it...bordering on the annoying!

I'm not buying it, tho...

My wormie is my most favorite toy.
Mom hadn't seen it around in awhile and last night she asked me to find it but then she went to bed.  A few moments later I hollered at her and she came back out to the front room - I had found wormie!  She was happy and played with me for a bit an then we all went back to bed.

Have a great Toesday!


  1. You fit your bed so purrfectly! We have toys we don't pay attention to also.

  2. It's Toesday and Toysday at your house! We like your wormie.

  3. nothin like a well worn wormie!!! Mousie might just be too new for you. When your Mom least expects it I bet you will start playing with mousie!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww, Minnie, you are sooooooooo adorable.....and we're happy you found your wormie.


  5. Minnie, you're so sweet, curled up in your bed!

    Your wormie is neat -- the mom does the same thing, buys us all sorts of toys, most of which we ignore. :-P

  6. Hope you have a great day Minnie playing with wormie :-)

  7. We're so glad you found your wormie, Minnie!!

  8. We think wormie looks like a darn good playmate. Maybe mousie needs to be pulled around with a string to interest you. That's what our Mommy does as a last ditch effort to get our attention with a rejected toy.

    It only works sometimes...heh heh!

  9. It is funny what Moms decide we should like to play with. Sammy-Joe says, "I like to play with my furry mouse, but then I lost it for like ten days... and then Grampa found it behind the furnace! Yay!" We are glad you found your wormie!

  10. Minnie, humans just cannot second guess us kitties, can they?

  11. Minnie
    I am glad you found your wormie!
    Mom got us a mousie like yours and she thought we would love it too, but we didn't. We love those small ones that we can carry around easily and that bat around real fast.


  12. Wormie is cute. But I kinda like mousie. He does look real!

    Minnie you look so cute, all curled up.