Friday, July 15, 2011

Duck, Duck, Duck...

I bet you thought I was going to say goose!
::sigh::  Don't I wish!

I have been eating duck stinky goodness since July of 2009.  Oh, sure, it's because I have to, on account of allergies.  But still, a girlcat can dream, can't she? about some chick-hen...or maybe even tur-key!  Mmmmm...

It's always duck this and duck that.  I'm kind of tired of eating duck day in and day out.  And as such, lately I haven't been eating all of my meals, or even been excited about the prospect.
It was about time for my yearly check up, so guess what?  Yup.  A trip to the v-e-t!

I'll spare you the general indignities I had to suffer - I know you've all been there.  But they had to steal some of my bloods for a test.  A senior Wellness Exam!  I'll be eleven years old in a couple of months!  So they had to poke me to take my bloods.  And poke me...and poke me...and poke me!  Apparently my veins aren't very good so the technician had a tough time of it.  I was sopping wet from all of the alcohol and I still have that v-e-t smell on my furs.  Yow!

I passed all of the tests.  So despite not wanting to eat and losing a pound over the last year, my little kitty body is normal.

I do have some yummy duck treats that I like.  Maybe mom will get the hint and mix some up in my food.

That's better.  Thanks mom!
I'm petitioning for some bonus meals.  I think it should be part of my recovery program.  Think of it as a prescription: I need to gain some weight back.  Just call me Dr. Pip. 
Say, mom?  How some more...


  1. Pip, we say TONS of extra treats! How about some dehydrated duck hearts? Some other kitties on the CB love 'em!
    The Baby and Kona have gotten a little thinner with *gulp* age. Their tests all were fine. They are just wizened, crotchety old ladies!

  2. Duck! I mean, duck is okay, but isn't there ANYTHING else you can eat that you aren't allergic to - rabbit? Venison? Lamb? Sheesh! I feel for you.

  3. Pip, we're really glad your tests came back fine--that's a relief for your mom, we're sure.

    It's true that as we kitties get older we can lose a bit of weight, become "wizened." LOL.

    But we think this means you ought to get whatever food you darned well want! And if you have a buffet to choose from, so much the better!

  4. Beautiful Pip, we are so glad the dreaded vet visit is over and your test results were good, sweetie=YAY!!...We hope you can get some variety in your diet and gain a little weight...Happy weekend, precious friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. YAY for the good vet report, sweetie!!!!!!

    Sammy doesn't seem to have gotten the message that he should thin down with age.....he's nearly 14 and still very rolly polly!!!!!

    We send our love to you and hope you get some special treats, sweetie.

  6. Yes, treats might just do the trick...and maybe someone will get some goose favor going!

  7. Pip, you poor baby, nothing but duck? What the quack kind of diet is that?

    Glad your tests came back a-ok, though. Maybe there'll be some suggestions on how to make duck taste like..ummm..shrimp?

    Have a good weekend!


  8. Oh Pip! I'm glad your v-e-t visit is over and you passed all the tests!! It's a great news and your mom must be very happy!
    I sometimes sprinkle crumbled treat on a regular meal and my kids like it :-)

  9. Pip, don't feel bad about all the duck. I've been eating vishus deers forever!! I gots allergies too...and I'm tired of eating deer! Maybe we should switch...what do you say??


  10. boy do I ever feel your pain! You and your duck, me and my RABBIT! I am the same with RABBIT!!

    I have been eating rabbit since 2010, enough already!

    The vet did tell Mom that Royal Canin is phasing out their rabbit...soooo...guess what that means!? Mom has to find a new limited ingredient food. This should be fun! lol. Maybe if you are lucky they will discontinue your DUCK! Then everything will be just "ducky!!" MOL