Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sensitive Souls

I am a sensitive cat.  I don't care much for change.  I like things just so, thankyouverymuch.  I'm into routines and peace and quiet.  I wasn't too thrilled when Smidgen came to live here.  But she's not so bad and I got used to her.  I'll even admit I like her.  A little.  Then Minnie came along.  I'm still not too sure about her.  And Hollie?  Hmmph!  Change!  Phooey!

Along with my sensitive cat nature, I have a sensitive tummy.  Oh sure, I'll eat most anything.  But if my tummy doesn't approve, I yak it back up.  Since I was a kitten up until I was about seven, I ate a certain kibble.  Then mom started to learn more about nutrition for Wriggley and in that process, she learned more about kitty nutrition and what was better for us to eat.

So she started to make some, yes, changes, to my, Smidgen's, and Minnie's diet.  She started switching us all to stinky goodness.  Smidgen and I were skeptics.  My tummy didn't care for the beef or any combination thereof, so I yakked.  Same for lamb and anything fishy.  My tummy liked chick-hen and tur-key.  So that's what I ate.

A few years ago now, while I was still allowed outside time, I had a bit of a scuffle with an introoder kitty and ended up with a wound on my tail.  It abscessed and I had to go to the v-e-t to get fixed up.  Well, at the time, mom thought it would be a good idea, since I was there and all, to have my vaccinations done also.  I didn't like that at all!  My little kitty body didn't like it either and I even had a reaction where I was vaccinated.

I got better from all of that, but then my itchiness problems started.  First my paws were itchy.  Then my tummy got itchy and I licked it red and raw.
You can kind of see my red tummy in these pic-shers.

Sometimes my tail and the base of my tail was itchy.  Even places on my back.  I mowed a lot of my furs off.  You can see in the picture the darker strips on my back and toward the base of my tail where I licked:

This was when mom found the holistic vet for all of us.  My symptoms were along the lines of food allergies and that's what the Doc thought too.  Mom tried to find a novel protein for me, since I had been eating chick-hen and tur-key.  She gave me venison.  I yakked.  Then she tried me on lamb again.  I yakked.  She gave me some quail and I liked it and I didn't yak.  'Cept this particular brand she fed me wasn't a complete and balanced diet.  When she did find a raw quail meats that was a complete diet...I yakked!  Finally mom gave me some duck stinky goodness, and guess what?  I didn't yak!

It took some time for mom to see some progress in terms of my itchiness.  At one point she did feed me some rabbit meats.  It was good: my tummy and I liked it, but mom thought it made me more itchy.  ::sigh::  I had some prednisone shots and I took some herbal pills for a while.  Then mom set up a "safe room" for me that no other kitty is allowed in.  I can have peace and quiet when she isn't home, and whenever I need a break from the household stress, I can come in my room and chillax.

I have been off of pills and shots for some time now and my itchiness is under control.  My tummy has furs again and I'm not mowing anywhere else.  But I've been eating the same foods for furever!  Mom still wonders if all of this was just a stress reaction, and now that time has passed and my body has relaxed, I'm better.  She doesn't want to risk feeding me something else that could upset my tummy or my body.  That's ok.  I'm glad I'm not itchy all of the time.  Mom did buy a few cans of a different brand of duck food for me to eat.  It's still duck... but it is different.

(Now suddenly, after enjoying just one can of the different stuff, mom is imagining that I am itchier again.  I'm back to eating my usual stinky not-so-goodness.  At least I still get the treats mixed in...that still seems ok.)

Well, thanks for listening and letting me have a little vent.
whew!  I'm ready for a nap now...


  1. Aw, Pip, it's hard, sometimes, to sort out what you *can* eat versus what you will eat, what works for *you*, etc. There certainly isn't a one-food-for-all. Not even in our house, with only the two of us now. We both have different systems and certain things throw us off.

    Good luck -- we hope your itchiness really isn't returning.

  2. That was very interesting about all your foods. Our sister Lil Bit sometimes yaks her food too and we don't know why. Guess we need to try her on some different foods. Thanks for all this info. Take care and hope the itchies don't come back

  3. Awe that all sounds terrible! but mom sounds like she is looking out for you! So keep strong kitty! Purrs from Sage & Fizz

  4. WE only like chicken and duck stinkey goodness!

  5. Yep, those things are sure hard to figure sister Zoe is still itching about, even after some changes. Let us know how you do!

  6. We kitties need to vent just like our pawrents. You, dear Pip, have had a hard time and I'm glad your Mommy got workable fuds for you.
    I don't like change either.
    xoxo Kassey

  7. My human used to think that maybe I had food allergies, but now she thinks maybe it's just occasional bouts of stress. (From living with Binga!!)

  8. Oh Pip that is hard and we know it was bad for you to have all of those itchies. WE are glad that it has basically been solved -- the riddle of the itchies, and we are glad you are better and that you have your safe room.

  9. Oh Pip! It's a tough one trying to figure out foods and stuff. I get itchy too sometimes and I get sores on my mouth and paw pads. So I eat special foods...vishus doesn't make me yak. I've been eating that vishus deer forever too!! But I still get itchy sometimes. They think it might be environmental, but it could be stress too.

    I sure hope you aren't getting itchy again.


  10. Hey Pip, you know I used to be an itchy cat. I had bald spots on my legs from licking too. Then our Moms got the book by Dr Richard Pitcairn that is all about Natural Diets for dogs and cats. Now I eat food that Mom makes for us and I don't itch anymore. Hope you find the right food for you. Tell your Mom to look for that book. It's very popular and has a lot of interesting stuff in it.

  11. Hi Pip! Wow, that was a lot of different foods you had to try! Your mom is really great to work so hard to find what will work for your tummy and your itchies.

    We're purring and praying that your itching days are over.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Poor, precious Pip, we hope your diet/tummy issues stabilize soon and you start feeling better=it's terrible to itch like that!...Happy weekend, sweet friends=stay cool in this terrible heat!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. It must have been really hard that your tummy gets upset with many kinds of food. And itchy is bad....I can see your red tummy and it breaks my heart that you had such a hard time. I am so glad it's under control now. And you are very lucky to have your mom taking good care of you.
    I hope you get a good nap...have a sweet dream :-)

  14. Poor Pip, it seems like stress is a big part of what makes you itch.

  15. Wow a holistic v-e-t that is cool. Luckily I am a mostly healthy boy and only have a v-e-t visit once a year.
    Vicki thanks you for your kind wishes and she is on the mend now.

  16. Hey Pip we're glad things are getting better for you - duck is pretty delicious!

  17. Pip, my brother Harley is very sensitive, too. He had EGC for a long time, and had to get many Depo-Medrol shots when it got it's worst. I'm glad you are better now!

  18. Poor Pip! The itchies, and food isn't right and shots, good grief!

    I guess I've been pretty lucky, so far not allergic to anything, just crazy people!

    Hope things smooth out for you, my furriend. Remember, what doesn't itch you, just makes you stronger! hehehe


  19. Poor Pip, what an ordeal!!! We are glad to hear that things are under control now. Isn't your mum good and patient to go through so many foods to find the right one for you. I think she deserves extra cuddles :-)