Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Easy Sunday

We are enjoying an Easy Sunday here, as usual.

I did some early mornin bird watchin.  There is a nest on top of the gutter right outside of this window.  I have a good view from the top of my tree!  The little ones sure put up a racket when it's meal time.

A couple of weekends ago when mom was out in the back yard, she saw a mom (or dad) Robin huntin for bugs to feed their fledgling.  See in the top left below.  The fledgling is on the left and mom (or dad) is on the right.  Then, when our mom had the sprinkler on, a little hummer flew in to have a shower!  (see bottom left pic-sher).
Now the big picture on the right is our resident Mocker.  This fella has a nest in our yard and s/he doesn't like it when we sit in the windows!  It'll come real close and holler at us.  We chatter back at it to go away!

The batteries in the flashy box died so I can only show you Pip on this Easy Sunday.

You'll have to take my word that Smidgen and Hollie are up to the same.  
We were supposed to put our mom to work around here this weekend but it turns out she's being kind of lazy.  She took Wriggley out for a good walk this morning before it got too hot, and now she's doing some irrigating in the yard.  Other that, she's really ignoring the chore list we made her.  Guess she wants an Easy Sunday too.. oh well.
Hope you're havin a nice weekend!


  1. oooooh, those fevvers look like so much fun to eat, erm watch! We have a Mockerburd, and he dive-bombs Henry! They are rude burds.

    So you guys make your Mom a LIST? We may try that. We're practically hoarse from nagging.

  2. Minnie, Take it easy and Stay Cool, Easy Sunday will be the best choice for hot day !!!
    Love the photos of birdies...Made me drooling !!..heh..heh
    Have a lovely day

  3. Wow, you have a lot of birdies in your garden. We love the one of the humming bird going through the water, that is amazing. Glad you enjoyed your lovely Sunday :)xx

  4. Fev-ver watching is a lot of fun!
    We are so glad you are having a terrific easy sunday!


  5. I love birdie watching too! Looks like you haf some good ones!

  6. You let your human slack on your chore list?! That would never happen here. My human HAS to do what I tell her.

  7. You sure have great Bird-TV at your place and I hope your Sunday was very Easy indeed!

  8. Wow, you've got some fun birdies to watch!! It's a great way to spend a Sunday!!

  9. Wow, you kids have some SERIOUS bird tv going on at your house!!! We just have regular old robins here and the occasional blue jay, my mum has never seen a hummer in our garden.

  10. OMC! Awesome bird TV! Hope yoor Sunday was great!