Friday, July 29, 2011

Smidgen's Wild Ride

I was playing the other morning, feeling kind of silly, when I decided to take the Cube for a spin...


I usually act this way in the morning, since I'm fresh from my 23 hours beyooty sleep the day before.  Is there a particular time of day that you act the goob?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

I'm just relaxin and enjoyin a bit of mom-time.

We were sitting here in the living room when we heard a dove cooing.  It almost sounded like part of the classical music!  This fella was sittin outside on top of our chiminey and the sound came down through and into our house.  I wanted to post a movie of the sound - I thought it was neat (plus I thought it would be funny to post a movie of our fire place hee hee!).  But the dove flew off before we could get our movie box.

Say, I just noticed...
I have toe floof!

Not bad considerin I'm just a medium-floofy cat.
Have a great Toesday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Times!

We are a little behind the kitty-times.  Now that Ess' are all the rage, our mom finally got us...


Mom was a little worried that she wasted her green papers.
After the initial inspection, I walked away and there sat the cube.

But since then I decided the Cube is a nice place to hang out.
Hide, even.
I like to sit in the Cube and watch bird TV.

Mom can tell when we've been playing in it cause it gets moved.  But what we like best is when mom plays with us!

It's kind of skeery sometimes cause we'll clawr at the cube and as we run off, it chases after us!  Other than that, we like our cube.  Thanks mom!

...Now how about gettin us an ESS?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Easy Sunday

We are enjoying an Easy Sunday here, as usual.

I did some early mornin bird watchin.  There is a nest on top of the gutter right outside of this window.  I have a good view from the top of my tree!  The little ones sure put up a racket when it's meal time.

A couple of weekends ago when mom was out in the back yard, she saw a mom (or dad) Robin huntin for bugs to feed their fledgling.  See in the top left below.  The fledgling is on the left and mom (or dad) is on the right.  Then, when our mom had the sprinkler on, a little hummer flew in to have a shower!  (see bottom left pic-sher).
Now the big picture on the right is our resident Mocker.  This fella has a nest in our yard and s/he doesn't like it when we sit in the windows!  It'll come real close and holler at us.  We chatter back at it to go away!

The batteries in the flashy box died so I can only show you Pip on this Easy Sunday.

You'll have to take my word that Smidgen and Hollie are up to the same.  
We were supposed to put our mom to work around here this weekend but it turns out she's being kind of lazy.  She took Wriggley out for a good walk this morning before it got too hot, and now she's doing some irrigating in the yard.  Other that, she's really ignoring the chore list we made her.  Guess she wants an Easy Sunday too.. oh well.
Hope you're havin a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sensitive Souls

I am a sensitive cat.  I don't care much for change.  I like things just so, thankyouverymuch.  I'm into routines and peace and quiet.  I wasn't too thrilled when Smidgen came to live here.  But she's not so bad and I got used to her.  I'll even admit I like her.  A little.  Then Minnie came along.  I'm still not too sure about her.  And Hollie?  Hmmph!  Change!  Phooey!

Along with my sensitive cat nature, I have a sensitive tummy.  Oh sure, I'll eat most anything.  But if my tummy doesn't approve, I yak it back up.  Since I was a kitten up until I was about seven, I ate a certain kibble.  Then mom started to learn more about nutrition for Wriggley and in that process, she learned more about kitty nutrition and what was better for us to eat.

So she started to make some, yes, changes, to my, Smidgen's, and Minnie's diet.  She started switching us all to stinky goodness.  Smidgen and I were skeptics.  My tummy didn't care for the beef or any combination thereof, so I yakked.  Same for lamb and anything fishy.  My tummy liked chick-hen and tur-key.  So that's what I ate.

A few years ago now, while I was still allowed outside time, I had a bit of a scuffle with an introoder kitty and ended up with a wound on my tail.  It abscessed and I had to go to the v-e-t to get fixed up.  Well, at the time, mom thought it would be a good idea, since I was there and all, to have my vaccinations done also.  I didn't like that at all!  My little kitty body didn't like it either and I even had a reaction where I was vaccinated.

I got better from all of that, but then my itchiness problems started.  First my paws were itchy.  Then my tummy got itchy and I licked it red and raw.
You can kind of see my red tummy in these pic-shers.

Sometimes my tail and the base of my tail was itchy.  Even places on my back.  I mowed a lot of my furs off.  You can see in the picture the darker strips on my back and toward the base of my tail where I licked:

This was when mom found the holistic vet for all of us.  My symptoms were along the lines of food allergies and that's what the Doc thought too.  Mom tried to find a novel protein for me, since I had been eating chick-hen and tur-key.  She gave me venison.  I yakked.  Then she tried me on lamb again.  I yakked.  She gave me some quail and I liked it and I didn't yak.  'Cept this particular brand she fed me wasn't a complete and balanced diet.  When she did find a raw quail meats that was a complete diet...I yakked!  Finally mom gave me some duck stinky goodness, and guess what?  I didn't yak!

It took some time for mom to see some progress in terms of my itchiness.  At one point she did feed me some rabbit meats.  It was good: my tummy and I liked it, but mom thought it made me more itchy.  ::sigh::  I had some prednisone shots and I took some herbal pills for a while.  Then mom set up a "safe room" for me that no other kitty is allowed in.  I can have peace and quiet when she isn't home, and whenever I need a break from the household stress, I can come in my room and chillax.

I have been off of pills and shots for some time now and my itchiness is under control.  My tummy has furs again and I'm not mowing anywhere else.  But I've been eating the same foods for furever!  Mom still wonders if all of this was just a stress reaction, and now that time has passed and my body has relaxed, I'm better.  She doesn't want to risk feeding me something else that could upset my tummy or my body.  That's ok.  I'm glad I'm not itchy all of the time.  Mom did buy a few cans of a different brand of duck food for me to eat.  It's still duck... but it is different.

(Now suddenly, after enjoying just one can of the different stuff, mom is imagining that I am itchier again.  I'm back to eating my usual stinky not-so-goodness.  At least I still get the treats mixed in...that still seems ok.)

Well, thanks for listening and letting me have a little vent.
whew!  I'm ready for a nap now...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Road Trip

by Smidgen.

Last week Pip and I had to go to the v-e-t.  She all ready told you a little about her appointment.  But she left out the part about the terrible car ride, the loud kids in the v-e-t office, the other crying woofies and kitties there, not to mention the whole ordeal of being poked and prodded!

Our mom doesn't care for our local doctor but she found a good holistic practice in another town...50 squillion miles away!  Have I mentioned I don't like car rides?  I sing, though, to pass the time.  My favorite is "99 bottles of niptinis on the wall".  At first I was singing solo but Pip joined in too.  Then we kind of complained back in forth about the whole situation.

It was time for my regular check up plus I needed my bloods checked on account of my kidneys aren't too good.  I got to take the Senior Wellness Exam too!  I'm eight years old now!  That makes me a senior!  It seems hard to believe.  I sure don't feel like one.

I get really skeered at the v-e-t.  I try to hide under the bed in my ptu, hoping mom won't find me.  It never works.  She kept pulling me out for one thing or another and putting me back in.  I just wanted to be left alone!

Well, efurrything was good with my blood too.  My kidney numbers hadn't changed from last year, so that was good.  My BUN is a little high but not bad.  The Doc said it could stay like that furrever and I'd be good.  I even gained a little weight.
But I still have my girlish-cat figure.

I was really quiet on the ride home.  I didn't feel much like singing.  Pip talked a little bit.  She didn't feel like singing either!  I guess we're safe for another year.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caturday Catsup


Our dear furriend Cat and her kitties Ben, Casper, Archie, and Jimmy tagged us for a fun meme.  We finally got our mom to get her act together to help us do this post!

1. Do you think you're hot?
Well, we don't really think of ourselves that way but we think we've got cute going in spades!

2. Upload a picture of wallpaper you are using at the moment.
We just have system photos for wallpaper on our computer so we'll show you what mom has on her work computer:

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Well, if you ask Pip, maybe sometime in 2008, mol!  The rest of us don't get real chicken meat like mom eats but we do get it in our stinky goodness or raw foods.  In fact, Minnie is eating raw chicken now.

4. The song you've listened to most recently?
We have classical type music playing all the time here.  Right now it's Schubert's Minuets and Trios.  This is good - mom and all of us really like Schubert.  Oooo, now a good Haydn symphony is on!

5. What were you thinking when you were doing this?
Is mom really gonna help us get this post done?!?

6.  Do you have any nicknames?
Do we!  mol!
Minnie: Monster Minnie, Minnie the Monster, Minster, Minsteroo, MinnieMinnie
Smidgen: Smidge, Smidgie, Smidge-steroo, chunky monkey (even tho I'm not!)
Pip (my full name is Pipsqueak, so Pip is technically a nickname): PipPip, Pipster, Pipsteroo
Hollie: HollieHollie, Hollie-by-golly, by golly it's Hollie, HollieHollie-bo-bollie, hairball-Hollie
When it was just the three of us Fraidy Cats, mom called us the three kitty stooges!

Thanks Cat, for tagging us to play!  We had fun!
For anycat that hasn't done this meme, consider yourself tagged!  We like to see efurryone's answers!

And finally,
we won a door prize during Sparkle's birthday celebration and a week ago we got the package.
Thanks Sparkle!
She sent us some nip-tastic toys and we each found a favorite.

Have a fun weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Duck, Duck, Duck...

I bet you thought I was going to say goose!
::sigh::  Don't I wish!

I have been eating duck stinky goodness since July of 2009.  Oh, sure, it's because I have to, on account of allergies.  But still, a girlcat can dream, can't she? about some chick-hen...or maybe even tur-key!  Mmmmm...

It's always duck this and duck that.  I'm kind of tired of eating duck day in and day out.  And as such, lately I haven't been eating all of my meals, or even been excited about the prospect.
It was about time for my yearly check up, so guess what?  Yup.  A trip to the v-e-t!

I'll spare you the general indignities I had to suffer - I know you've all been there.  But they had to steal some of my bloods for a test.  A senior Wellness Exam!  I'll be eleven years old in a couple of months!  So they had to poke me to take my bloods.  And poke me...and poke me...and poke me!  Apparently my veins aren't very good so the technician had a tough time of it.  I was sopping wet from all of the alcohol and I still have that v-e-t smell on my furs.  Yow!

I passed all of the tests.  So despite not wanting to eat and losing a pound over the last year, my little kitty body is normal.

I do have some yummy duck treats that I like.  Maybe mom will get the hint and mix some up in my food.

That's better.  Thanks mom!
I'm petitioning for some bonus meals.  I think it should be part of my recovery program.  Think of it as a prescription: I need to gain some weight back.  Just call me Dr. Pip. 
Say, mom?  How some more...