Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hollie Days

Get it?
Hai...ok...that was bad...but let me tell you about my Christmas.  My first here in my new home.
Santa Paws came and I had my own stocking and everything!

I got my very own treats.
And my very own cat dancer toy!

I know I don't look very impressed but I really do like it!

Before Christmas, even, the lady gave me this other toy.  It's a paw-me-down, but the other's loss is my gain!  I like this toy even better than the cat dancer.
It has a really long and flexible handle plus a long leather line and a mousie-octopus-thingy on the end!  The lady likes it because she can sit on her bum relax and play with me and have me running all over the room.  I get some pretty big air when I'm playing too.  The lady isn't quick enough with the flashy box to catch me in action.  I'll make sure she gets some good pic-shers for next time...or maybe she can help me make a movie...yeah...


The lady is letting me and the other kitties see each other more.  The other day Minnie said some very un-ladycat like things to me.  That kind of made the lady nervous.  She exchanges the knitted blankie back and forth so we can all smell one another.  It's all pretty slow and I'm getting a little anxious to see more of the house!

Thanks so much for the reassurance about the flea.  I guess it was just a random incident and the lady says she hasn't seen any others and she hasn't put any stuff on us.  Whew!  I guess I'm safe.

I do have one other question, you have to put up with things like this at your house?


  1. OMC, Hollie! What is that THING your human put on you!? We have been subjected to some pretty awful fashion, but that is just WEIRD!

    Maybe Minnie is getting a little jealous of the alone time you get to have with your human. You all should start meeting each other in catson at some point!

  2. MOL...Last photo , my mom was cracked up laughing : )

    Me...Last photo, I ran away cause YOU ARE MONSTER !!!!!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a nice christmas in your new home :D Looks like fun!! Me and mom would really like to see a video of you getting big air with your toy!!

  4. OMC that last photo is beyond funny!!!!

    I also loved the "sit on her bum" My Mom can TOTALLY relate!!


  5. We are very happy that you had a wonderful Christmas Hollie. You deserve it. We are sure you will be out and about in the house in no time.

  6. I must say I've not seen anything like that Hollie! I am happy you had such a nice Christmas!!!

  7. Oh my what is that thing you have on - what beans will do to us...(sigh)

  8. Dear, sweet, Hollie, we are so purraying that the other kitties will quickly learn to love you as much as your new mom does.

    Sammy was almost 3 years old when Andy showed up at our house....Andy was a 9 ounce baby that could barely move by himself........mama was worried how Sammy would react, but he took to Andy immediately and "mothered"....or should that be "fathered"......him from git go.

    Love to all of you.

  9. Hi ya, Hollie! It looks like you had a really good Christmas. We love our Cat Dancer too!! We're sure that you'll be able to hang out with the other cats soon. It's smart that the lady takes it slow so you all can be furiends. And yeah...sometimes you gotta put up with silly stuff that the humans's best to humor usually get treats for doing so.

  10. oh Hollie
    We are so glad that you had such a wonderful time at Christmas this year. It was so special and we are so happy for you.


  11. The last pic has me falling off me seat! So, so funny :) Looks like you got some pretty cool gifts!!

  12. You are having a GREAT time in the new forever house! But no, ya don't HAVE ta wear costumes...