Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Easy Sunday

Yello!  It's me...Minnie!  We are havin a wet and stormy weekend here.  We are mostly nappin and snugglin and stayin warm, tho I'm also enjoying watchin the leaves and rain and birds inbetween.

There are a lot of robins in our neighborhood now.  That tree in the pic-sher is an ornamental pear.  It doesn't make fruit that is good for people to eat, but it does make some cherry-sized pears that birds like!  There are a lot of these trees in our neighborhood too, so the robins are here.

They don't come into our back yard because a mockingbird has all ready staked his claim.  Once our pear tree and pyracantha bushes established, this fella moved in.  He flies around and chases other birds out of our yard!

This is the mockingbird at the top of our pear tree (hmmm...I'm reminded of a song...):

In other news, we ended up havin to get a new compooter.  This one has some different programs we're not used to.  We were messin with the movie maker, just to see what it would do, and came up with this one with Pip:

Editted to add a direct link for the movie here.
Hope you're havin an Easy Sunday!


  1. Well, that mockingbird isn't very nice chasing all the other birdies away. You guys need to get out there and teach him a lesson!! Pip, we enjoyed your movie! You sure were having some fun with that mousies!!

  2. Rats! The movie didn't load...we'll try back in a few minutes.

    We have mockerbirds too, Mommy swears they "never shut up".

  3. That mockingbird doesnt want to shsre either! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  4. We love Mockingbirds, they sing so pretty. It's storming like crazy here too. We have 2.5" of rain in our gauge so far. The rain is okay but we don't like the wind. Great video, those special effects are so fancy!

  5. The mockingbird in your back yard reminded me of "that song" as well....
    I loved the video! How do you make all the movie-like scenes?! It is really amazing!

  6. WE have mockingbirds too and they can be mean. They dive bomb the cats here and sometimes hit them in the back. There are a lot of them here. The video turned out really good. That was fun watching them play. Take care and have a good Sunday evening.

  7. that video is sooo cool! Loved the music and I could tell you were playing with different effects.
    I have only used my video camera once since I have had it. I am not good at ALL with technology!

  8. We can't take too much credit for the movie - we just selected the clips we wanted to use and the style, and the HP movie making program did the rest!

    We haven't played with the program enough yet to see what kind of things we can do manually (pawually?)

  9. We have Mockery Birds too! They scare Alice. Have fun learning about your new compooter!

  10. Sometimes those Mocking Birds can be pretty mean!
    We liked your movie.
    ~ The Bunch

  11. Dont eat that rubber band! They arent good fer ya. Loved the video though...

  12. We agree ~ rubber bands are BAD for yoo ~ please be careful!