Friday, December 17, 2010

More Thankful Thursday on Friday

Mom had the winning bid in Derry's auction for a bracelet made and donated by Amy, from The House of Cats.  She sent us some special surprises along with the bracelet.  Too sweet!
Mom loves the bracelet.

Wriggley: just look at all of these great doggy cat toys!
Thanks Amy!  And Lola, Stella, Kirzon, Vigil, Barney, and Gus too!

I'm outta here!
Hey, wait a sec, those are for us!
Wriggley was being a, so in protest, we wouldn't take any pic-shers.
Hollie wasn't amused either:
Lady, there is dog slobber on my cat toy...

Mom took a video of our doggy bro being a goob:

Have a fun weekend, efurryone!


  1. what nice gifts! And poor Wriggley needs toys too! :D

  2. What a nice thing to get some extra things for you all in that package!! Hollie, we're sorry Wrigley got woofie slobber on your toy. Woofies have no manners...

  3. That was wonderful of Amy to include extra goodies! And we're thankful for your support in our Derry's auction. :-)

  4. laughing at what The Island Cats said MOL!!

    Adorable video and Wrigley is such a good doggie!

  5. ewww - dog slobber on the cat toy. Glad we don't have one of those at our house. Though we have to admit - he does great "puppy dog eyes" at the end.

  6. Wriggley seems to pick out the best toys for himself, he's one smart doggie.

  7. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! Dog slobber on yoor noo toys! MOL!

  8. Wriggley, our Mommy says come on over any time; with those love eyes she'll hand over all the toys you want. Our Mommy is a goob, too.

  9. Bleagh, dog slobber! The dog here likes her own toys and does not play with/ eat our cat toys. Usually. Concatulations to your human for winning Derry's auction!

  10. What a great bracelet and goodies!!! Amy is so thoughtful :-)

  11. How beautiful and Amy is so thoughtful!
    What a very special person she is.


  12. Such cool stuff, even the woofie slober! Y'all have a great weekend!

  13. What a great package of goodies!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Yuck! Do slobber! MOL

    Even with the slobber on it, that is some pawsome stuff! :)

  15. We don't have to share our toys with a dog, so we think you are furry sweet for letting your doggie Bro taste test them!

    Thanks everso for supporting Brighton's Yule Tide Auction by putting up his 'button' and making some bids on stuffs, too! That means the world to us!

  16. Aw mom is such a dork, she should have added a doggie toy or two to the box to keep Wriggley away from the toys - mom just wasn't thinking on that one! We hope they didn't get too much dog slobber on them! And we are glad your mom likes the bracelet - it is one of our mom's favorites to make (she has a couple of her own even!)