Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

I almost had reluctant pawsies again today, it's still cold here...

but then mom got me to play...
Mom's got a thing for kitty paws.  So for those who asked, feel free to grab ahold, we're all used to it...

just watch out for the bitey!

(I didn't really bite my mom, I was chewin on the toy...honest!)

Have a great Toesday!


  1. I put the bitey on anyone who annoys my paws.

  2. Minnie, You should try..it's tasty : )

  3. Vicki also has a thing for kitty paws. It took me a while to understand that she just wanted to sit and hold paws with me on the lounge, but I get it now....and it is lovely special time.....Happy Belated Christmas....Thanks for all your comments throughout the year - they always bring a smile to my face...oooxxx

  4. Momma likes our paws too! But jane doesn't like hers to be touched.....she gives the Bitey a lot.
    Looks like you're having fun with your Mom.

  5. Oh, I love kitty paws too!! And those are some sweet-looking toesies! I love it when Cosmo is sleeping under the covers with me and softly places his paws against me. *melt*

  6. We're glad your mom got you to play so we could see your cute toesies!!

  7. your toes are "almost" as cute as MINE! MOL!!

    Love, Cody

  8. Mommy will be right there to play toesies! And she's used to being bitten...heh heh.

  9. Our Mom messes with our toes too. What is it with the humans? Obviously their toes aren't as cute as ours!

  10. Those are some mighty cute toesies. So glad you let us get a view of them and glad you didn't put a bitey on the Mom. Have yourself a grand day.

  11. Hi Minnie! We love your toesies! But we do think you are smart to keep them tucked away when it is cold out!!

  12. Minnie
    I nip Mom all the time...
    it's just the price of admission!