Friday, December 10, 2010


Yow!  We got mail the other day.  Our dear furriends Raymond and Busby and their moms sent us a little care package, to welcome Hollie and thank us for taking her in.  And they even thought of our doggy bro, Wriggley!  Is that just pawsome, or what!?!
Check this out - look at these fun toys!  Oooo! And the nip!  Yow!

Mom took the box for Hollie to see too. 

Hai!  Wow, will you look at these toys!  And this beautiful blankie...for me!  Raymond and Busby's non-blog Mom made it.
Isn't it just fantastic?!  And so soft on the paws...
Oh, and the nip, the nip!!  The lady let me have a little nip-fest.  See...

(Here's a direct link)

We all got to have a nip-fest even!
Mom made a movie when the box first came cause the flashy box wasn't working.  You can see Wriggley's present.  Actually, he thought all of the toys were for him and he especially liked this little 'possum cat toy.  We let him keep it since he slobbered all over it...

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Thank you so much, Raymond and Busby, and to your moms!

Have a fun weekend, efurryone!


  1. Those are fantastic gifts! That was so nice of Raymond and Busby to send them to you!

  2. Wow, what great presents! We loved the videos. Hollie, sweetie, you have it made -- a wonderful forever home.

    And yeah, we'd have let Wriggley keep the toy possum too. Acckkk, all that dog slobber. :-D

  3. What a great present....and there was even a box to be had!

  4. How nice of Raymond and Busby and their moms to send you a nice package like that!! Have fun!!

  5. that was incredibly WONDERFUL and GENEROUS and KIND of Raymond and Busby to send you those "catabulous" gifts!!!!!

    That is the true spirit of the holidays!
    Your videos were adorable too!

  6. Cor, you are such lucky pusscats and woofer. AND you get to play in that box too. Enjoy the fun xx

  7. We're so glad the box arrived! We just wanted to send a little care package to show our appreciation for you adopting Hollie. Wow, looks like the nip didn't lose any potency in the mail. Wriggley sure has good taste in cat toys! We liked that possum toy too! Hey Wriggley, that Kong was for you!

    Have a good weekend friends and enjoy your gifties. xoxo

  8. That sure was nice of Raymond and Busby to send you such nice toys and even for the dog too. Glad Wriggley was included. Take care and have a super day.

  9. WooHooo! We bet you all sleep good tonight!
    Raymond & Busby are true gentlemencats.

  10. Those are some pawsome presents! That sure was nice of Raymond and Busby. Those rainbow fishies sure are fun, aren't they? And we think you chose wisely letting Wriggley keep that possum. He obviously likes it, and besides ... dog slobber is icky). :)

    P.S. - We also loved the video of Hollie's nip fest!

  11. That is really sweet of Raymond and Bugsy's Moms to do that for all of you to welcome Hollie into your home.

    Looks like some wonderful toys and a snuggle blankie!


  12. That was so sweet of them to send you those goodies, looks like so much fun too!

  13. Very Very Nice of Raymond and Bugsy. I watched your first video, I think you should call " Nothing but Nip " second video made me curious, First scene, I watched the black woofie try to eat your toy and his saliva soaking your toy, are you still want to play with that toy ?.......Yakkk !

  14. Wow look at those wonderful toys and nips!! That blanket is so beautiful. It is very nice of your friends Raymond and Busby, and their mom to send such a wonderful gifts. I love the last picture-so cute :-)

  15. That was such a nice thing of Busby, Raymond and their moms to do!!! Enjoy the care package!

  16. Very nice of them to send a package to welcome Hollie!

  17. Wot awesome gifts. And how lovely to get a "Welcome" package.