Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Crazy Caturday Night

We had some excitement here last night.
Well, this time at least we didn't have fireworks boomies...
we just had fire!

We were all takin it easy last night and watchin movies.  We all heard a noise in our backyard.  Mom just figured it was introoder kitties, or something like that and didn't think much of it.  I was sure something was wrong and I wouldn't leave the window!
Guard-Cat Minnie on duty!

I convinced mom to go out there and check.  Well, that's when she saw smoke and dust on the other side of our back fence!  Our house backs up to a vacant lot and the brush back there was on fire!

What with the fence and the bushes we have along it in our yard, mom couldn't see anything but the smoke.  Sometimes that lot gets pretty overgrown with weeds and mom also couldn't remember how much brush was back there.  The back fence is brick but we were still a bit worried about our over hanging bushes catching fire.

The fire department came and had it out in no time at all.  Thank you Williams Fire Department for keepin us all safe!

When mom took Wriggley out for a run last night she couldn't see much.  We sent them out again this morning  with the flashy box so we could see where the fire was an all.

The arrow marks our house and I tried to delineate our yard with the red lines.  You can see there really wasn't much brush back there and the brick fence protected us.  Here's a closer look:

The red line is about where the neighbor's yard starts and the trees and shrubbery hanging over the wall is our yard.  It was more scary for us mainly cause we couldn't see anything.
We are enjoyin an Easy Sunday today.  We were supposed to get some rain too, so we made sure mom took Wriggley out early to get us the pictures (...and to let him have some fun...but mainly for the pictures...).  And sure enough, not long after mom got home...

Lookit the rain!

Mom is really bummed she won't be able to mow lawns and such today.  We'll have to hide the sucky monster so she doesn't get any ideas along those lines.
I'm gonna hang out here and watch for more rain...and maybe some bird tv, if there's a good program on.

See you!


  1. Minnie, Mom and the family are so blessed to have you as a guard kitty. I'm glad the fire people put out the fire and your yard is safe.
    The rain looks nice, Minnie, enjoy.
    xoxo Kassey

  2. Well done, Minnie! My goodness, you could have done without that kind of excitement! We're glad the fire was put out quickly and that everyone was safe.

  3. WOW! We wanna move to your house Minnie, you get all the fun. Thank Cod for the Fire Department!

  4. You sure did a great job alerting your Mom to the fire! Bravo sweet one!!!

  5. Wow, we're glad that fire didn't get out of hand. That would not have been good!

  6. It's a good thing Minnie was keeping an eye out! That is the kind of excitement NO kitty (or human) wants to have!

  7. Well done Minnie !!! Lucky you keep an eyes on it otherwise it can be a bad thing ! Thanks for mommy to be alert with your sign you gave her and thanks for Mr. William to safe everyone !
    Take Care

  8. thank goodness everyone was home watching TV so that you were there to hear the noise and could call the fire dept!
    I am so happy that everyone is safe!

  9. How scary! Glad you were home and that the fire dept came quickly. Did you get any of that rain? We had rain here in Capitola on Sunday, but only a couple hundreths of an inch. Still, it was nice to get some precip. xoxo

  10. Wowzers! Minnie, you saved everyone's life! What a GREAT guard-cat you are! We're so glad you all are OK!!!
    Play bows,

  11. I just stop by to tell you my Mom got some trouble, we are not able to make a comment as usual , and we may not post anything until furthur notice.

  12. How scary!! I always dread getting fire...even if I am careful, our neighbor can have fire. I am sooooo glad the fire department came quickly and you are all safe. I agree, it's more scary when you can't see anything.
    I hope you all had a nice Sunday, without sucky monster of course!!