Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

It's me again, Minnie!
Do you see that between my pawsies?
You haveta look real close!

Yeah, it's an ANT!!!
We had a small invasion on Sunday mornin.  Wriggley had left his boney-bone layin on the floor. Oh sure, it was pretty petrified from bein lost outside for the past week at least, but apparently it was still a worthy prize for the ants.

Til now, we had been doin a good job with keepin things clean and preventing attacks.

I told mom just to spray the chemical stuff along the wall, where they were comin in, and I'd take care of the rest...
mmmmm!  Ants!

They're paw-lickin good!
hee hee!

Have a great Toesday, efurryone!


  1. Yello hee he. I like nomming on the ants too. They are quite tasty aren't they :)xx

  2. The mom's making a face and saying yuck.

    We confess we ignore ants...and many other bugs too. Oh, sure, we might play with them a bit, but we don't eat them. (Moths are another matter, though!)

    We hope you finally are able to get rid of your ant problem, though!

  3. Oh no! Not an ant invasion!

    We sure are glad you're taking care of things, Minnie. Those little buggers don't stand a chance with you on the nom, er, we mean job. :)

  4. We get bigger ones here. Not very many or often enough though...

  5. Minnie nommy nomm nom!!!
    We hope you aren't being invaded anymore.

  6. Ew! I think ants are nasty! I hate when they invade here.

  7. Ants in the house are no fun, that's probably why they are called pests. But they are yummy!

  8. Oh no ants!! They are no good!!
    But it's nice you are enjoying them...:-) Once they learn you are eating them, maybe they stop coming-it's a good news for your mom :-)

  9. Nice toesies! Did you get a good meal out of theese pesky ants? Hope you all have a great week!