Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo' Cats Day!

In honor of Mo' Cats Day, I give you less cat...
On the left is me in May, and the right is today.

Left May, right today.

Can you tell I'm skinnier?  Since I last mentioned my food woes, mom ran out of my favorite treats, and without them, I wasn't inspired to eat much.
But don't worry, mom finally got the treat situation sorted and is adding some to my stinky (not-so) goodness again so I'm eating better.
(In fact, now I practically have a year's supply of treats, anycat?)

I'll be:
in no time!

Happy Mo' Cats Day and happy weekend furiends!


  1. Happy Mo' Cats Day! Or in your case, Pip, Less Cats Day! You are looking great!!

    (Mom says I need to take a page out of your book, Pip, and lose a little weight too! ~Wally)

  2. Glad to hear mom got your food stuff sorted out, Pip. Happy Mo Cats Day to you, Smidgen and Minnie, and your mom, too! :)

  3. I hope your Mo Cats Day was treat filled and Mo Fun!

  4. WOOHOO! I have a thing for the "full-figgyured" gal...time for treats!

    xx Scouty

  5. I'm glad your mom got your treat situation sorted out and you are eating better :-) I hope you gain your weight back!

  6. That's right! Scott and Mark said "We need mo cats" and that's how they got me! Rose x

  7. Mom says I am a bit of a MO cat myself but I say psfffft it's floof!
    Happy Mo Cats Pip!


  8. Happy mo cats day! Celebrate in style

  9. happy weekend to you all as well !!