Friday, September 16, 2011

Occupational Hazards

Just so you don't think my job as Official Grocery Inspector is all fun and games...

It is a tough job and there are certain hazards associated with it.
Take the other day....

Mom came home with the shopping and left things out for me to check, as usual.
Well, she got some of that barley stuff again.
I really had to dig through the grocery bag to find it.

I wasn't too sure the first time I got into this had to inspect this stuff.
But then maybe this was just an off bag...

(warning: graphic pic-sher ahead!)

er...yak happens...
You have to test the yucky along with the yummy!

Well, I guess it can't always be boxes of cookies.  Even the funnest jobs can have their downsides.
The worstest part is that Wriggley is actually gonna have to eat that barley!
Do you think I should warn him?
I just hope it tastes better cooked!

A cat-safety PSA: please note that despite mom's obvious forgetfulness, I don't have the proper training or security clearance to inspect anything that could be dangerous.  Mom, as Chief Inspector, is quite sure to keep such things out of paw's reach.  Remember, safety first!


  1. MOL, that will teach you to eat funny stuff. Actually barley is good for you. You probably choked it down too fast. Love the pictures.Take care. Have a great day.

  2. Once again proving that Cats have enough sense to yak icky stuff back up! Dogs eat anything...

  3. Woo. You must have been working too hard! Don't try to do too much!

  4. I don't like barley either Minnie - LOL!!!

  5. It must have been pretty gross for you to yack it back up, Minnie. Poor Wriggley ... you should definitely give him the heads-up. :)

  6. Oh dear ~ yoo shud be more careful of wot yoo eat. Stick to fresh mousies.

  7. Yep, that is one tough job, but ya done good!

  8. Who would want to eat that barley after you gave it such a resounding yak of disapproval? I think your human should toss it - kitty has spoken!

  9. Like Katnip Lounge said cats are smart enough to yak something back up if they dont like it! Ya did good Minnie!

  10. Sheesh!!!! We can't believe that there is no good(kitty) food in there for you to inspect!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We're pretty sure we would not like barley ;)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  11. We are grain barley for us!

  12. Icky!!! But you are doing a fantastic job....

  13. Say there, grocery inspector- You look just like my brother and old friend Isaac!

  14. Oh your job can be quite dangerous!!
    I'm sorry for Wriggley that he has to eat the barley stuff even after you disapproved in your way. He should know - you have to warn him! LOL!

  15. Your tum-tum probably said, "What the heck is this?" and sent it back up, heheehe!

    Great pics!