Thursday, September 15, 2011


...I has none.

Mom planted new kitty grass for us and had it setting on the counter to germinate an all.
I couldn't wait for her to put it down for us...

Come on mom!  It's ready all ready!
Can you tell it isn't the first time I've been up here to nom the grass? long as I'm up here...
What else can I get into?  Hmmm, there's the dog food...what's that in the sink?

Hah!  That's better.
Thanks mom!


  1. Worktops are great places to sniff things out huh :)xx

  2. MOL, that is one way of getting your grass, just get into everything else. Good job. Take care and have a great day.

  3. I'm surprised that grass lasted on the counter! Clearly, you have no hesitation about going up there and munching on it - and anything else you might find.

  4. Hmmm, that reminds us that WE havent seen anny kitty grass in a while HERE!

  5. Minnie
    That looks like some nommy kitty grass. Mom needs to get some of that for my brother Ping. Maybe one day!

  6. Minnie, I am just like you! I can't wait to nom the grass!


  7. That grass looks yummy Minnie, we hope you enjoy it!!!

    It's funny at our house the dog kibble stays down all day and none of the cats bother with it, they just walk by it with their noses in the air - LOL!!