Friday, December 16, 2011

Go to Work with Mom Day!

by Wriggley.

Mom abandoned us all this week for a work trip she had to go on.  When mom leaves, my kitty sisters get to stay home but I'm packed off to camp.  This time I went to winter camp.  This morning mom picked me up and I got to go to work with her!

I was mom's "4-legged assistant" she said.  It was my job to behave myself and not be a distraction to anybuddy.

I did a pretty good job cuz when people came into mom's office, they were surprised to see me.  I got to see some friends again that I hadn't seen in a while and I got some good scritches. 

But to be honest, mom's job is pretty boring,at least there in the office, so I was really happy when we left.  It's no fun just being quiet.

It sure was nice to get back home.
Oh, I had a fun time at camp, too.  I got to do some fun play and walk activities.  And I got a good report card from the camp counselors!

I even think my kitty sisters were glad to see me!



  1. Awwww what a good doggie you were to be so quiet at your Mom's work!

    Great report from camp too!
    I bet your kitty sisters WERE Happy to see you! Ummm....NOT! lol

  2. We are SURE you are a good doggie, but we hope the kitties had high places to stay on while you were there. Can't be too careful.

  3. You were a good doggie going with MOm to work and I bet the kitties missed even if they denied it...mol
    xoxo Kassey

  4. We love that you got a report card! What a great idea!

  5. Congrats on your good report card! Do you get any kind of reward?
    I'll bet your kit-cats missed you; they just don't want to admit it!
    Play bows,

  6. Oh Wriggley, I'm sorry your mom was away for a while. But glad to see you had fun at the camp and you got to go to work with her even though it was a little boring. Work can be boring...hahaha.
    And the best, you are home with your family! Yaaay! I hope you have a wonderful weekend together.