Monday, December 26, 2011

We Must've Been Good...

We had a nice day yesterday and hope you did too!
We must have been good cause we each got some nice gifties.  The packages under the tree weren't bags of coal!

Wriggley got a big box of cookies.
But he wouldn't share with us.

Each of us got a selection of catnippy toys.

We thought it was kind of funny that we got mom this training manual, and we got some books too!

We've been wanting to learn French, and now we have these two course books.
Of course, paws down, the best present of all was the ribbons and wrappings!

And mom has purposely left everything lying about so we can make a big mess still have fun with it.
Oh!  Guess what?  The big presents under the tree weren't for Minnie after all.  Hee hee!  Not to give anything away, but Hollie will tell you about that later.
Have a nice Monday!


  1. SEE!?! We KNEW that whole "nice" thing was a scam. And your Mom is a Good Sport to let you have the wrapping stuff, ours picks it up, claiming that we'll pee on it. She is mean. And crazypants.

  2. We love playing with the paper, too!
    Wriggley's coat sure looks beautiful in those pix!
    Play bows,

  3. Look like lots of fun stuff plus you can learn to say more catnip please in French!

  4. You guys had a great Christmas! And that was a great idea to get your human a training manual - they need all the help they can get!

  5. so happy you had such a wonderful Christmas!

    My brother got those same doggie cookies! Don't they just look too delicious?

    Are you kitties going to learn French? Oui, Oui!!