Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh, Minnie!

We were hangin out, watchin some movies this afternoon.  Mom got a new Hello Kitty fleecey blanket and I wasn't too sure about it.  It didn't feel right or something and I wouldn't set paw on it.

So I made myself comfy on the six inches of space on mom's chest where there wasn't any blankie.

Mom kept sayin stuff like "Minnie, I can't see" and would shove me off.  She pulled the blankie down so I'd have room lower on her chest and stomach...but I just didn't trust that fleecy thing!  So I went back to mom's neck and shoulders and got comfy.

Then it was "Minnie, I can't breath" or "Minnie, your paw is on my windpipe!"  "::Gasp::"
And she'd shove me off again and again.
Fine!  I can take a hint!

I'll just watch from over here.
"Minnie, look, the blanket is moved.  Come sit with me."


  1. Minnie...what is it about Hello Kitty you don't like? Give the fleece a might really like it!

  2. Awwww, Minnie, is it not your color? The second photo looked like pure cattitude...mol.
    xoxo Kassey

  3. "all we are saying, is give fleece a chance" - LOL!!!!

  4. Humans, there is no pleasing them.

  5. I don't blame you. That Hello Kitty is preety scary...PS: Consider it done, Clooney Claus will bring you a big stash of mousies and Num-Nums!

  6. Fleece sounds OK ~ maybe yoo should try it?

    Happy Christmas dear friends ~ and a joyful and healthy new year to you all. xx

  7. I love Cat's comment! Keep the comfy going!!!

  8. Yeah. When I lay on my mom's legs, she says funny things like "I have no feeling in my feet" and stuff like that. I can totally relate!