Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Not to be Seen

So last night mom was all set to go to bed.   She had tucked Pip and Hollie in and took a stroll through the house, looking for me as she turned out the lights.

I wasn't in my new usual place on mom's my pillow...

She checked all through the house and turned out all of the lights.  She went back into my her room and checked for me again and called for me.  She started checking all of the rooms, just in case I snuck in somewhere I shouldn't have.

Then she went back in the front room and turned on the lights again.  How can a kitty just disappear?  This time she did a double take as she looked over at the couch...
Do you see me?
Well, you know what I mean!

What can I say?  Mom puts this nice blankie on the couch to keep our furs off for us to snuggle under and be warm.  Well, I was kind of cold just on my pillow, so I took advantage!


  1. MOL! We could see ezactly were you were. Even your Orient Tation!

  2. Yes that bump looks like a kitty to me - LOL!!! I cannot go to bed either until all the cats are accounted for :-)

  3. oh how my Mommy loved this!!!! She smiled and smiled cause she said my Grandpa Bobo used to do the same thing!

    That's what we call a "Whoopie Cushion!!!"


  4. It took our mom three tries to spot you. Ha!

    Well done, great hiding job!

    The mom couldn't find Derry this AM, she looked up and down, under this and that, finally got the treat bag and shook it hard, and off he jumped from a chair, practically under her nose. :-P

  5. That sure does look like the purrefect snoozy spot!

  6. Alfie disappears like that too. Sometimes mom and dad search for him for HOURS!

    Milo xx

  7. That is a great and secret snoozy spot, Smidgen. Pawsome job! :)

  8. Ha roo roo roo!!! Now THAT's funny!!!
    Play bows,

  9. We don't blame you for crawling in there and snoozing!!

  10. Oh I looked and looked but could not find you! The close-up picture gave me answer finally :-) You found very cozy, warm place to snuggle. I hope you had a good night sleep!

  11. That's a cute kitty lump under the blankie. I like hiding from Mom too.
    xoxo Kassey