Saturday, December 17, 2011

We're Ready!

Did you hear that, Santy Clawrs?  We're finally ready!

Mom had to go on a trip last week for her work place and she said we'd have to wait until she got back to put up our Christmas decorations.  It's like she doesn't trust us while she's away or least she was good for her word and we decorated today!

First we hung our stockings on the mantel..

Then mom got out the tree.  She almost forgot where she had put our ornaments!  Well, most of them are doggy ornaments and we wouldn't mind losing those... but the only kitty ones we have were in the same box!

Mom was up really early this morning cause she's still on east coast time, so we got her busy stitchin up a little skirt for our tree.  Hmmm...maybe she should've traced around the outside of the hula hoop when she made her pattern...

Well, at least the tree stand is covered.
Say, I can still smell the Lounge Kats...

What do you think, Smidgen?

Where are all the presents?

Here's another angle in case you want to see more of the dog ornaments.
Happy Holidays, everybuddy!


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas fur sure!!!

  2. What a cute Christmas tree! Have you tried climbing it yet?? I climb ours!!


  3. Wow, you get your OWN tree? That is so nice of your Mama! We do have some special ornaments hung down low on the tree that we are allowed to touch with our noses and paws. They jingle!

  4. Do you know what our rotten Mommy told us? She said we didn't get stocking because Cats don't wear clothes! We are gonna show her your post. AND you got a tree with a stinky Lounge tree skirt, too.
    Life is so unfair.

  5. Heh, DOG ornaments?! Bleagh. My human has ONE dog ornament and she got that for her boyfriend and the dog to be nice. Everything else is - well, if it's not cat, at least it is also not dog! Now if she will just get the tree up already!!

  6. That is such a lovely tree. I see you are inspecting it well. This time next week there will be tons of presents underneath for you to play with :)xx

  7. We can't have a tree for one reason: Teddy.

  8. Your tree--and the tree skirt--looks great. And we love your stockings! You're certainly read for Santa--we hope he fills those stocking right to the top!

  9. Your tree and stockings look GREAT!

  10. Minnie, you and Smidgen gonna knock a few balls around when Mom isn't looking?
    xoxo Kassey

  11. Yer tree is very cute, if there ARE some doggie ornaments!

  12. Denali and I got a stocking too. Only we have to share ours. It has both our names on it.