Friday, August 24, 2012

I still got it!

There has not been much call lately for my grocery inspectin expertise.  The other day, though, mom came in with a new bag of kibble for Wriggley.  She took him outside to play and take care of business, leaving the food out for me to get into know, that bein my job an all.  They were gone for a long time, havin fun with this new toy of Wriggley's, no doubt, so I had plenty of time to do a thorough inspection...

Including the all impawtant taste test!
First, let me just say that the packaging gets a moderate rating for not being too difficult to open.
I did have to clawr and tear with my teefs quite a bit.
As for the taste, I must say the flavor was quite good.  Fresh too.
Say, you wouldn't know what mom could've meant when she said this was coming out of my dinner...?


  1. MOL, I know EXACTLY what she meant! My human does that to Binga all the time when she steals my food.

  2. I think you did a wonderful job inspecting!

  3. Good job there, Minnie! And your mom can't get mad at you because, after all, she left that bag of food with you knowing how you like to inspect.

  4. Clearly your Mom is daft. On many levels.

    Good job on the inspection, Minnie!

  5. Great job on inspection!! I think after all your mom appreciates your work because she keeps groceries out so often :-)

  6. Firat tastes are very impawtnt, and it is good they have you to do that.

  7. Excellent job! Nice of you to make sure it was OK for Wriggley to eat and all. Safety inspection - right!?!?
    Coming out of your dinner ... coming out of your ... nope. No idea at all. (And we sure hope your mom didn't mean that, Minnie!)
    Play bows,

  8. Well, it looks like you did a GREAT job of inspecting that food, Minnie. Your mom should be THANKFUL!

  9. BOL!!! How can you leave a bag of Fromms uninspected!!! :) We love Fromms!