Monday, August 13, 2012

Team Effort

I'm beginning to think folks might be gettin the wrong impression about me.
You know, that I'm such a trouble maker helpful kitty trouble maker an all...
We kitties aren't much for snugglin together an stuff like that.  Though when it comes to hamperin helping mom around the house, we're a pretty good team.

I just clocked off for the afternoon.
But don't worry, 'cause Pip is ready to take over...

And then the other morning, before my shift started, Smidgen was on the job:

Oh, and for the Lounge Kats: yes, the pieces are nommy!

Hee hee!


  1. YES!!


    We knew they would be! For some reason our Mommy refuses to do those things here. She is MEAN.

  2. We don't understand why your mom doesn't appreciate you guys helping her with that. We think you're doing a terrific job!!

  3. You are naughty kitties, but we still love you :-)

  4. My human DEFINITELY needs to get one of those puzzles!

  5. I think you are a fantastic team!

  6. TBT here: LOL! I once made a replacement piece for a puzzle cuz a cat chewed up a piece of a friend's puzzle. It fit perfectly, but had no color relation to the other pieces. He loved it. It ALWAYS had to be the last piece in.

    Well, there was no other way to figure out where it went... ;)

  7. Ah! Shift work! That's how you guys get so much done! Way to go!
    Play bows,