Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!
Last week my pawsies and I helped mom finish her picture makin games.  She finished the first one she was workin on.
Mom was so surprised that none of the little toy parts were missin, mol!  You wouldn't believe some of the glares I got when she couldn't find a particular piece she was lookin for. 
Here we are buildin the second picture.  Yeah, I thought I'd try my paw at it...
But I just couldn't get the hang of it...
I still don't see the point, really...
So mom finished this second picture too.  She said it was easier.  Proly cause I helped so much.  She wants to glue all the pieces together so she can hang the pictures on the wall.  She hasn't figured out where she can work so somecat doesn't get in the way...something about not wanting pawprints or a cat butt stuck to her pictures...
I'm not really sure what she's talking about...


  1. I think you did a mighty fine job helping out!

  2. Of COURSE it was easier because you helped! Puh-lease. Without you and your toesies, it would have taken her forEVER! We all know it's true!
    Play bows,
    PS: Mighty adorable toesies!!!!

  3. Your human is embarrassed to admit that she could not have done those puzzles without your help!

  4. That's gratitude for you, Minnie. If it weren't for your help, your mom would probably STILL be working on those puzzles! MOL!

  5. I know you were helping your mom...picking a piece she needed and handed it to her. right?

  6. I can't believe no pieces were missing!!!! Lucky stuff :-)